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TULSA, OK — Worship at a local church was noticeably more subdued this last Sunday morning, as the pastor gently informed the band’s drummer that a triple bass pedal wasn’t really needed for “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

Pastor Mike Young’s attention was reportedly drawn to the sanctuary during the worship team’s rehearsal due to the rapid-fire kick drum beat echoing through the halls of the church, leading him to pull the drummer aside before service to tactfully break the news to him.

“It’s a little stronger than the song calls for,” Pastor Young said. “It’s not that you’re lacking in skill. Heavens, no. We’re thrilled to have you on the worship team. You’re a great drummer. It’s just… the triple bass pedal. Might be just a little bit of overkill for ‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.’ You get me? It’s a very soothing, melodic song. Not really ripe for machine gun bass.”

Drummer Stephen Brock was disappointed but exhibited appropriate submission to his pastor. “I thought the song could be taken up a notch,” he said. “I felt like the triple bass pedal really added something to the old hymn and could really get the whole congregation thumping. But he’s my pastor. I’m under his authority, so I’ll have to save the triple bass pedal for something else.”

At publishing time, Pastor Young was planning to have another sit-down with Brock to discuss the rumor that he was planning to use the triple bass pedal during “Blessed Assurance” instead.

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