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Former White House Press Secretary and MSNBC host Jen Psaki lied about Joe Biden in her new book and is now forced to change it after getting called out by Axios.

Psaki claimed in her book that Joe Biden never looked at his watch during the ceremony for soldiers who were killed because of his horrible withdrawal plan for Afghanistan. She claimed that Biden “looked at his watch only after the ceremony had ended.”

But that’s not what happened at all, as Axios points out:

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki claims in her new book that President Biden never looked at his watch during the ceremony for soldiers killed during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 — contradicting news photos and firsthand accounts of Gold Star families.

Psaki’s book is the latest instance of current and former Biden administration officials downplaying or misrepresenting controversial episodes from the Afghanistan withdrawal ahead of the 2024 election.

Psaki’s new account is at odds with fact-checks at the time, news agencies’ photos from the ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, and on-the-record statements from Gold Star families who were there.

The Associated Press photographer on the tarmac snapped two photos of Biden looking at his watch twice and 10 minutes apart, as fact-checkers at USA Today and Snopes noted soon afterward.

Psaki also mistakenly cited a passage from The Washington Post to bolster her account.

The sentences she quoted were from USA Today’s fact-check article — not the Post.

That article noted Biden looked at his watch at the end of the dignified transfer of the troops’ bodies, but also concluded that “photos and video show [Biden] also checked his watch during the ceremony.”

Color me shocked that Jen Psaki would lie about Joe Biden. It also wouldn’t surprise me if her Biden admin cronies helped her craft this passage given the election year and how underwater Biden is right now.

Psaki released a statement this morning saying the lies in this passage of the book would be removed.

As a bonus, here’s a reminder of just some of the lies Psaki told while working for Biden: