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Middle school students in Utah staged a walkout over their school being invaded by “Furries,” who harass the normal students. While one media outlet claimed it was fake news, it didn’t stop a second media outlet from interviewing an expert in Furry Fandom for further insight.

Wikipedia defines a “furry” as a subculture interested in dressing up as anthropomorphic animal characters, ex. “Beto is a furry.” “Furry fandom” is the community of people who gather on the internet or at furry conventions. Or, allegedly, in this case, middle schools.

ABC-4 interviewed, I shit you not, Strudel, to gain insight. They/them has been a furry for over a decade. Strudel thinks it’s crazy that things have escalated to the point that these students (I think the furry ones) are being distracting to their peers. They/them is concerned that this next generation is not representing the furry culture that well.

The story began with a clip shared of the walkout by Libs of TikTok, an account on X that shares what progressives post on the internet and other clips geared at exposing left-wing degeneracy. The students claimed these furries were “biting, scratching, barking at, spraying air freshener on, and pouncing on other students.”

According to the school, this isn’t true. Students aren’t dressing in full furry costumes—some of them only wear animal ears. The problem is that parents misinterpreted an email that went home calling on everyone to be respectful of other students.

In one specific instance, the targeted students “were sitting in a corner of the lunchroom, eating as a group of friends” when others began calling them names and throwing food at them “because they were dressed differently,” Sorenson told The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, providing more details about the situation.

Parents felt the school was taking the side of the alleged furries, hence the protest.

When I saw this story, I found it odd that there aren’t videos of the alleged furries allegedly biting, scratching, barking at, spraying air freshener on, and pouncing on other students. Leon Wolf, managing editor of The Blaze, says that video and photos exist and will be released soon.

To recap, a furry named Strudel told the media that they/them would appreciate it if these alleged middle school furries would stop making the overall furry fandom look bad. Never before in the history of the English language have those words been arranged in such a way.


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