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Joy Behar claimed on Thursday that Republicans were “in bed with the Russians” and would have been referred to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee if it were still a functioning body.

Behar made the comments during a broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” where she and cohost Whoopi Goldberg complained about Republicans in response to a series of video clips showing them clashing with Democrats on Capitol Hill.

“I’m discovering that most of the folks on the other side are the snowflakes. They’re the ones that are afraid of information. They’re the ones who are afraid of history. It’s not us. It’s y’all,” Goldberg claimed.

“Why are they in the bed with the Russians?” Behar asked. “I mean, we grew up in a time when if you were pro-Russia in any way, you were hauled before the HUAC Committee and your life was ruined and you were blacklisted. Now all of a sudden these people are all about Russia. Why are Americans accepting that?”

“They call the Democrats ‘Commies,’ they’re the Commies!” she added.


Goldberg went on to argue that it was harder to get through to Republicans because “they’ve forgotten that we the people make the decisions about what goes on in this country, and every time they try to usurp that …”


She then pivoted to talk about women’s rights, suggesting that Republicans wanted to go back to a time when women had no agency and “didn’t exist” unless they were married. “Why would you want to go back to that?” she asked.

“I don’t understand why we didn’t get angrier sooner, and I know people are angry now because I hear it,” she continued. “But why are we going backwards in a way that’s not good for the economy, it’s not good for the country?”