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The Joe Biden administration has been working on a diplomatic deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel since mid last year, but now they’ve thrown something new in the pot: Palestinian statehood.

Here’s the news from the WSJ:

The Biden administration is pushing for a long-shot diplomatic deal in coming months that presses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a new commitment to Palestinian statehood in exchange for diplomatic recognition by Riyadh, U.S. and Saudi officials said.

As inducements to recognize Israel, the White House is offering Riyadh a more formal defense relationship with Washington, assistance in acquiring civil nuclear power and a renewed push for a Palestinian state—a package that U.S. officials say they are in the final stages of negotiating.

The U.S.-brokered effort offers Israel a prize it has long sought, a historic normalization deal with Riyadh, Israel’s most powerful Arab neighbor. U.S. officials say the successful multi-country effort to shoot down Iranian missiles and drones on Saturday should make it clear to Israel that it’s security against threats from Tehran can be enhanced through closer integration with Saudi Arabia.

This was bad enough before October 7th, but now it’s absolutely preposterous in the wake of the most horrific terrorist attack in Israel’s history.

Biden clearly doesn’t care about Israel’s security if he wants Netanyahu to make some kind of ‘new commitment’ to Palestinian statehood. And this insane notion plays into the false victimhood of the so-called Palestinian people.

Israel is not the problem! The Palestinians want to annihilate the Jewish people from existence. They brainwash their children to hate Jews and they all supported the Hamas terror attack last October. “From the river to the sea…” – they say it all the time. Their hatred for Israel is on full display.

Biden pushing something like this is nothing but a middle finger to Israel. But what he really wants is to try and out do what Trump did with the Abraham Accords. Biden needs to win back the votes of the pro-Hamas portion of his party and he’ll do anything, even if it means compromising Israel’s security to make it happen.