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This makes no sense. A grand jury in Houston refused to indict a teen this week for murdering a convenience store clerk who followed him after he stole a bag of chips.

The grand jury felt that the 17-year-old teen, Mario Young, was acting in self defense since the clerk followed him in his car.

Here’s more from KHOU:

This week, a grand jury refused to indict the Houston high school student charged with murder in the case.

Mario Young, 17, and another teen surrendered to Houston police a couple of days after the shooting at a gas station off Will Clayton Parkway near the Eastex Freeway.

Surveillance video from inside the store showed a male grabbing a bag of chips and stuffing it into his jacket.

The clerk confronted both teens outside and then followed them in his car. Police say Young then shot into the clerk’s vehicle and killed him.

The teens got away despite an extensive search with drones and dogs but later turned themselves in. The second teen wasn’t charged.

“But I said from the very beginning when I turned these young men in that there was a lot more to this story that needed to come out and I was confident that once the truth came out they would see that this case was self-defense,” community activist Quanell X said Thursday.

Below is a news video explaining what happened from KPRC2 in Houston and it includes surveillance video from the shoplifting:

As Bonchie points out: “The clerk followed them in a car. He didn’t chase them down on foot to physically engage them. They shot him dead while he was in his car and somehow that was “self-defense.” But when a BLM supporter brandishes an AK at an Army veteran, it’s not self-defense. Makes sense.”

It’s my guess that the clerk just didn’t want these thieves to get away and was following them so he could tell the cops where they went. This was absolutely not a self-defense engagement. Johnson’s life wasn’t in danger.

The whole thing is completely messed up.