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Just like we reported in late March, another boat full of illegal immigrants lands onshore at Carlsbad, California.

Every one of the illegals disembark and rush past shocked California beachgoers to enter the US illegally.

Here’s video via Justin Hart:

“Yesterday in Carlsbad 😳 Young males beach a boat and jump to shore. I’m sure this was all legit.”

Here’s more on this from the New York Post:

Dozens of migrants were caught on camera jumping off a speed boat that came ashore a California beach over the weekend and running into the nearby city in what locals are saying is becoming a regular occurrence.

Video posted online shows the speedboat racing towards the shore in Carlsbad on Saturday, narrowly missing a nearby surfer.

Almost as soon as it landed, a group of adult migrants were seen jumping off the boat and sprinting towards a row of oceanfront houses.

The migrants were then seen piling into a black SUV near Ocean Street, but the driver appeared to be in such a rush that one woman almost fell out as it started moving.

Other migrants who were not able to fit inside the vehicle were then seen crossing the street, and walking into the affluent city.

“It looked like it was a planned deal,” resident Susan Hargis told KUSI.

The man who filmed the incident also said it “looked like a military exercise,” as he told KGTV he counted 22 people jumping off the speedboat.

“To see it live like that, I mean even police and border patrol said they never caught it live like I did,” the unidentified resident said.

“So to see one coming toward the shore at 40, 45 miles an hour and not turning, it was like a movie… and the lifeguards were just sitting there, so I thought it was a planned, staged event.”

Border Patrol agents were notified by police that the boat came ashore at around 11 a.m. on Saturday, and found an abandoned vessel “consistent with human smuggling,” a spokesperson for the agency told The Post.

No arrests have been made, and an investigation is ongoing, the spokesman added.

I’m sure these honest looking illegals all dressed in black aren’t gang members or terrorists. Nope. They just rushed on shore and ran into a waiting SUV because they want to turn themselves in to authorities. Yeah, that’s right. They don’t want to harm Americans.

Don’t worry. Joe Biden knows what he’s doing!