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Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin admitted that she was worried about the prospect of a Trump supporter being able to “sneak onto” the jury in the former president’s Manhattan hush-money trial but shared no such concerns that Trump haters might do so.

Hostin made the comments during Tuesday’s broadcast of “The View,” telling her co-hosts on the ABC midday talk show that she did not believe anyone who supported Donald Trump could be impartial when it came time to examine the evidence and deliver a verdict.


Hostin began by noting that the obvious difficulty in finding a jury for Trump’s case stemmed from the fact that everyone knew who he was, and most people had strong feelings about him one way or the other.

“They are never going to find someone who doesn’t know about the former twice-impeached loser president, right?” she began with her standard Trump insult and referred to the trial as her own personal “Super Bowl.”

“They’re never going to find that. But what I did find also interesting about my Super Bowl is that — ah — the legal teams will be checking the jurors’ social media to see if they can assess the truthfulness and intention of what they said during voir dire, which is their questioning,” she said. “And I think that’s really really important because if you start liking Trump’s – and you follow Trump’s stuff on social media, are you going to — can you be impartial? I don’t really think so.”


Hostin went on to suggest that Trump supporters might lie to get themselves on the jury so that they could force a mistrial.

“You get one person that sneaks onto that jury with untoward feelings, that person can hang that jury,” she complained.

“How do you sneak onto a jury, you have to be called,” Joy Behar protested.

“You lie,” Hostin replied, suggesting that Trump supporters could potentially lie their way onto the Manhattan jury simply by claiming that they “hate” the former president. “You say, ‘I hate Trump, but I can be impartial.’ And all of a sudden that’s the person who won’t vote to convict.”