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Isn’t it funny how the establishment “news” makes its audience feel informed even when they’re frighteningly ignorant? An event like the October 7th false flag takes place and suddenly the very same people who couldn’t find Israel on a map are now self-proclaimed experts on the region, dutifully repeating all the talking points about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that they heard on the nightly news.

Of course, when you try to drill down on specifics with these people, you will quickly come to the limits of their knowledge.

Ask them about Hamas, for instance, and you’re likely to hear that Hamas:

  • is a designated terror group;
  • is sworn to destroy Israel;
  • won an election at some point and now runs Gaza as a theocratic terror state; and
  • consists of cowards who lob rockets into Israel and use women and children as human shields.

As is often the case, there are elements of truth to these regurgitated media soundbites. But the errors and omissions in this pat, Zionist-friendly, mainstream narrative are enough to make those who mindlessly believe it and repeat it not just wrong, but dangerously wrong.

Yes, the unthinking masses who buy into this propaganda are wrong about Israel. It is not the poor, put-upon democratically elected underdog of the Middle East, but a rogue nuclear power and apartheid state that wields an outsized influence on the world through its use of espionage (both real and virtual), subterfuge, lobbying and blackmail. It has been formally rebuked for its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and stands accused of massacres, atrocities, war crimes and genocide in the latest conflict.

But these propaganda parrots are not only wrong about Israel. They’re wrong about Hamas, too.

Or, at the very least, they don’t know the real history of Hamas.

So, what is Hamas? Where did it come from? What are its aims? And, most importantly, how did it rise to power in the Gaza Strip?

Today, let’s answer those questions and dispel, once and for all, the cloud of ignorance hanging over this conflict.

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