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There is “one question” that should be taken into consideration after Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel this weekend, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on Sunday.

Paul, one of the more dovish members of Congress, spoke about rising tensions between Israel and Iran with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” He noted the United States helped fend off the attack.

“I think we’re very fortunate that it was ineffective and that Israel’s and U.S. defenses were able to stop 97% of this,” Paul said. “But I think one question that’s not being asked enough this morning. Everybody’s asking, ‘What is the next step to escalation?’ There’s another question: What [is] the possibility that we could de-escalate the situation?”

Paul emphasized “every action has a reaction.” He harkened back to Iran-backed Hamas launching an attack on Israel in October, killing an estimated 1,200 people, and Israel allegedly killing Iranian generals with a strike in Syria.

“I think people ought to take a breath, wait a little bit. In medicine, we’re taught to check your own pulse before you check the patient’s pulse,” said the ophthalmologist-turned-lawmaker. “You need calm down and think with a clear head before we move forward.”

While President Joe Biden has declared “ironclad” support for Israel’s security, he reportedly told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States would not support a counterattack against Iran as the White House is concerned that escalating military action between the two nations could have significant consequences for the region.

Lawmakers are making plans for this week to consider legislation that would provide support to Israel, leaving Paul to encourage leadership — particularly House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — to practice restraint in allocating more funds to foreign causes.

“I haven’t supported foreign aid really in my tenure in the Senate, but I did support foreign aid that was paid for to Israel not too long ago. This was passed in the House, and then every Democrat in the Senate voted against foreign aid that was paid for, Paul said, referring to a bill that would have provided $14.3 billion in emergency aid to Israel while also slashing the same amount of funds meant for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


“What I would say to Speaker Johnson is, hold your ground, show some cojones, show some intestinal fortitude, for goodness’ sakes. You have already passed aid to Israel,” he continued “Tell Chuck Schumer, when he’s ready to take it up, ‘Take it up and it’s going to be paid for.’ It’s a great precedent, if Speaker Johnson will stick by his guns. I have a feeling that we’re going to see capitulation.”

Paul added, “There’s already talk of a new one that’s unpaid for. Why in the world would Republicans negotiate with themselves? Tell Chuck Schumer, bring it up. It’s been sitting in the Senate for two months now. If they want more aid to Israel, bring it up, but we’re going to have to cut somewhere else to pay for it.”