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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Saturday night that it had intercepted 99% of the drones and missiles fired at Israel by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari cautioned that the attack was not over as U.S. officials warned that Iran had launched an additional 70 missiles after the initial wave was largely unsuccessful.

Hagari said that Iran launched more than 200 drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles from inside its own territory — the first time Iran has ever launched a direct attack against the Jewish state.

He said that only minor damage was inflicted on an IDF base in southern Israel and that only one person, a little girl, had been hurt.

He said Israel continued to have fighter jets in the air shooting down missiles and drones fired from Iran.

“Many dozens of hostile aircraft, as well as dozens of cruise missiles, were identified approaching Israeli territory from Iran and intercepted over the past few hours,” the IDF said. “Dozens of IAF fighter jets are currently operating to intercept all aerial threats approaching Israeli territory.”


An Israeli official credited the United States and the United Kingdom with shooting down over 100 suicide drones before they even entered Israeli airspace, according to The Times of Israel.