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BOISE, ID — A local married couple has expressed their dire need for a vacation after returning home from a grueling vacation.

As they were returning home from a trip to Florida with their children, Mike and Mary Halverson agreed that they were in desperate need of a vacation after their vacation was over.

“We really need to get away once we get back,” Mike said. “All the stress of planning, packing everything for ourselves and the kids, getting the kids through the flight, throwing off their routines, and doing it all over again on the way back just emphasizes our need to take a trip after this is over.”

Mary agreed that the couple deserved a vacation after going through the ordeal of taking a vacation.

“I’ll start looking for tickets,” she said. “It would be so nice to treat ourselves to a vacation once we get through the challenge of finishing our vacation. Taking this kind of a trip is just so stressful and it makes you look forward to having the opportunity to take a trip once your trip is over.”

Upon returning home, the Halversons planned to get everything unpacked and get the kids back into their normal schedules just in time for the next vacation to come around.

At publishing time, Mike and Mary were already well into the planning stages for a family trip to California to visit Disneyland, while also brainstorming some ideas for the vacation they would need to take after they finished their vacation.

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