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When the First Lady Jill Biden headed to the super-liberal state of Vermont for a fundraising event on Tuesday, she likely wasn’t expecting to be met by angry protesters. Unfortunately for her, however, that’s exactly what happened!

Protesters Target Jill

My NBC 5 reported that when Jill arrived in the town of Norwich for a fundraising event, she was undoubtedly shocked to be met by pro-Palestinian protesters who were quick to roll out the unwelcome mat for her.

“We wanted to roll out the ‘unwelcoming mat,’” Nancy Welch, an organizer of Tuesday’s protest and a member of Upper Valley for Palestine, told the Valley News.

“The Biden White House hasn’t heard the voices of the majority of Americans who are appalled by the ongoing slaughter in Gaza and want an immediate and permanent ceasefire,” she continued.

“We are very and disturbed with the Biden administration right now, for continuing to aid and abet what we believe is a genocide,” added Hayden Smith, a member of Upper Valley for Palestine.

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Protesters ‘Tried To Just Be As Loud As Possible’

During the private fundraising event that Jill attended in Norwich, used noisemakers like pots, pans, and musical instruments as they marched down the streets of town to let the First Lady know that she was not welcome there.

“We tried to just be as loud as possible, because people are trying to get the ear of the White House and the federal government and we’re just not being listened to,” Welch explained. “We were going to use our noise and our numbers, making our ruckus to disturb the peace of people probably enjoying lavish appetizers while people in Gaza are starving.”

“We’re using every mechanism that we have to make our voices heard; we’ve been protesting for months,” said Rowan Wade, another protester with Upper Valley for Palestine. “We were protesting before Oct. 7. We’ll be protesting until there is a permanent ceasefire and until there is freedom for all Palestinian people.”

The protesters made it clear that each presidential candidate’s stance on the war in Gaza will have a major impact on how they vote.

“To get my vote, Joe Biden has to really change the policy soon,” said Liz Blum, of Jewish Voice For Peace.

The demonstrators ended their protest with a final chant before reconvening on the Norwich Green to express their hopes that Jill heard their message loud and clear.

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Jill Previously Being Targeted By Protesters

Jill has found herself becoming a frequent target of protesters as she desperately tries to campaign for her husband. Earlier this month, a speech that she was giving on women’s issues in Tucson, Arizona was interrupted by anti-Israel protesters, according to The Hill.

“Jill, when are you and the president going to call for a cease-fire in Gaza?” one of the protesters stood up and yelled, with another adding, “This is a genocide being committed by our tax dollars – women and girls that matter.”

This all should just go to show Jill that her husband isn’t nearly as popular among Democrats as she would like to believe. If she can’t even get through a fundraising event in the incredibly liberal state of Vermont without being targeted by protesters, her husband’s re-election chances certainly are not looking good!

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