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masked pro-abortion protestors sit on the ground with signs

Last week, in a bombshell press conference led by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., lawmakers and pro-life activists demanded justice for the “D.C. Five.” After two years, the bodies of five babies who may have succumbed to infanticide by a D.C. abortionist have yet to be autopsied or investigated. There’s a renewed urgency now because President Biden’s administration recently weighed in, telling the D.C. medical examiner that they have no need for these children’s bodies, which would end any investigation into potential federal abortion crimes.

Why would the Biden administration reportedly put its thumb on the scales here?

Well, judging by Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign, if there’s one thing he’s proving to love more than Matlock, it’s late-term abortion. So much so that he’s making abortion a centerpiece of his 2024 campaign. He just kicked off an abortions-around-America tour, and now he’s allegedly involved in this potential federal abortion scandal.

This is a case so gruesome that when members of Congress displayed the photo evidence of the potential crime, there were audible gasps in the expansive hearing room.

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