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The FBI Is Starting to Look a Bit Like the KGB

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I’m going to be discussing the FBI because they’re all over the news lately – but not in a good way, rather in a “what have they done now” way. However, I’m not dismissing the contribution of the overarching DOJ. They’ve certainly been complicit in the misdeeds of the FBI which they oversee.
For my uninformed readers, communist Russia had this organization called the KGB. Its responsibility was to support the communist party. KGB is short for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti – which translates to Committee for State Security. Hmm…Committee for State Security? Isn’t that what the FBI does – advance the security of the state, which every communist understands to be the security of the party? 
Recently it seems that the FBI is willing to go to any length to protect the party – the Democrat National Committee.
The FBI has destroyed evidence of crimes committed by party officials. During the Clinton email investigation, the feds destroyed computers and cell phones, at the request of the party official running for President, who also happened to be the target of the investigation – Hillary Rodham Clinton.
The FBI fabricated evidence against officials working for the RNC. That would be people promoting a candidate to prevent the American communists from getting 4 more years of power. An FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, actually changed an email to mean the exact opposite of its intended message – to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign.
After the 2016 election the FBI participated in a coup attempt against a duly elected president – because he was not of the preferred party. They triggered the appointment of a special counsel to investigate a crime that they knew never happened. They used the investigation, not the existence of any actual evidence, to taint the administration and support attempts to remove the President from office.
In the lead up to the 2020 election, the FBI hid evidence of crimes by the party’s candidate for President, Joseph Robinette Biden. When the existence of a laptop containing evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption became known, the FBI kept its possession of the laptop secret and worked with social media companies to kill any public disclosure of the evidence. An FBI disinformation operation claimed that the laptop was a Russian disinformation operation. Now we know that the information on the laptop is genuine. its information is almost as disturbing as the lengths to which the FBI went to hide it.

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The FBI has also instigated crimes where they would be of political benefit. The bureau used paid human sources to organize a kidnapping attempt against Gretchen Whitmer – another high-level party official. FBI assets recruited the conspirators, did all of the planning, and provided all of the resources. They then arrested the people they had recruited, and called them Trump supporters – at the time Donald Trump was running for reelection.
Since the DNC victory of 2020, the FBI has continued its work to consolidate party power. 

They’ve initiated a nationwide search for political dissidents – those who supported the election of Donald Trump. They’ve tracked down thousands of people and interviewed them – not for committing any crime, but for attending an opposition political rally. Such affronts to the party must be discouraged.
The FBI has implemented the infrastructure to track anyone opposing party initiatives. Bureau databases now categorize and track anyone who has the temerity to challenge what the party is teaching their children. Nobody shall be allowed to interfere with the party’s indoctrination of new party members. Parents are now subject to suspicion, intimidation, and harassment.

Signs of patriotism also run counter to the party narrative. Such displays have been designated potential signs of domestic terrorism – as they are seen to challenge government hegemony. Law enforcement agencies have been advised to watch for Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags. They’ve also been warned that people questioning the 2020 election, government COVID protocols, or federal overreach are potential threats.
The FBI has implemented the infrastructure to collaborate with social media companies to control public information, and access private information. They have assigned up to 80 agents to interface with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others.
All of that should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that law enforcement is no longer the FBI’s primary focus. We know that the bureau received a tip that the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers was troubling – before they bombed the Boston Marathon. Do you suppose the FBI had 80 agents looking into the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers? Did they assign any undercover assets to infiltrate the plot? 
The fact that they would detail a large number of agents to censor speech, but not to investigate a terrorism tip says something about the bureau’s priorities – no? It seems the FBI will only do criminal justice if it doesn’t get in the way of other projects.
Thanks to the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, we’re getting a glimpse of what the FBI has been up to. We know that the bureau was using Twitter to access private information. Does anyone doubt that it was using other social media companies to do the same?
Thanks to modern technology those companies know where we are, and what we’re doing – 24/7. Have you eaten at a restaurant and then received a text asking you to rate the experience? Our phones track our movements and report to the tech giants. How do you think the feds knew that Mike Lindell was at a fast-food drive through when they decided to seize his cell phone – for questioning the integrity of the 2020 election? Social media companies are tracking every move we make. Can you see that such information could be dangerous in the hands of a power-hungry bureaucrat seeking to advance the interests of the party?
Are you comfortable with the FBI knowing when you

Visit a target range?
Travel between states?
Send an email about politics to a friend?
Donate to a social cause not aligned with party interests?
Attend a social function in which a MAGA donor may be present?

The feds want all of that information, and we’ve learned that they are inclined to use it for the worst of purposes – not for the equal application of the law.
The FBI is starting to look a bit like the old Soviet KGB – more focused on advancing party interests than criminal justice. Luckily, they haven’t “disappeared” any of the party opposition yet. Oh, wait. I forgot about the US citizens placed in solitary confinement, without bail, for the indiscretion of trespassing on property that their taxes paid for – on January 6, 2021.
I have a few questions for the FBI leadership. How many Soviets believed the KGB was a legitimate law enforcement agency? How many Americans believe the FBI is a legitimate law enforcement agency? (Hint: a recent Rasmussen poll found that 53 percent of Americans consider the FBI to be Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.) Is trust in the FBI growing or shrinking? Can the FBI continue to function without the trust of the people it is charged to serve? By the way, where is the KGB now?

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Unacceptable, George Santos

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In August of 2012, Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants baseball team was absolutely tearing it up. He was batting an absurd .346 and had the most hits of any player in the league. He had just won the MVP award at the All Star game. Then he tested positive for excessive testosterone. It is a banned substance, ergo Melky had cheated. It matters not whether it was introduced accidentally (so that defense is removed); the assumption is the substance aided the performance of the recipient and penalties must be assessed. In this case the player was suspended for 50 games by the league and traded by the Giants.
The Giants took the correct route in dismissing the All Star. He cheated and tainted the team. The Giants went on and won the World Series without him and Melky was quickly scooped up by a less discerning team. Kind of a win/win. To his credit Melky did admit his wrongdoing and seemed genuinely regretful. 
In light of the revelations that George Santos lied repeatedly in print and voice during his successful bid to join Congress, he must either step down or be removed. Better yet trade him; he is perfect Democrat material. Dude cheated and lied and sits like a stinking turd on our bench. Are we really going to ignore the flies and makes excuses, like George does? His pathetic attempt to dismiss his blatant malfeasance is nauseating at best. Get him out of here before he embarrasses us further. He is a dishonest man. 
I don’t care how badly we need that seat in Congress. I won’t stand for a lying cheater on my team. And it’s not like he is an all star, an MVP even, as if that would make him more acceptable. He only claims to be one. This should not be a difficult decision.
There is a classic South Park episode about how far “the bar” was lowered during the Obama era. Producer James Cameron had to take a submarine to the bottom of the ocean to find the bar and bring it back up. We are at that point now. All this talk about how Republicans need to game elections the way Democrats do if we are ever going to win is humiliating. Fix the damn game or don’t play it at all.
I have a suggestion. What if all registered Democrats voted on one day, Republicans on another, and Independents on yet another? First you have to allow the Democrats a month to count all of their votes and announce they have a final tally. Then the Republicans do theirs in one day and the Indies the next. Everyone holds their cards to the vest. Imagine the ultimate poker moment when everyone is set to reveal their cards. 
Make the Democrats show their hand first and watch them hold victory parties before any other cards are seen. Then the Republicans throw their cards down. Since the Indies usually decide the election they go last. Drum roll please. We have a winner and everyone gets to look at the deck and make sure no counterfeit cards were used. The Dems jump up and down, with cards falling from every pocket and cuff, stomping and braying they got cheated and demanding a do over while they kick the table over and set the place on fire. No dice, chumps. Wait until next season.

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We have got to change the game because currently the cheaters prosper. Welcoming cheaters on our team or discussing how we can employ the same despicable techniques as our enemy is not the answer. 
Paging James Cameron. Please pick up a Red courtesy phone.

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Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

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The moment you realize “Conspiracy Theory” is used as a pejorative, other discomforting discoveries quickly follow. 
For most, it’s an onslaught of Cognizant Dissonance. If this is your first time – and you continue reading – you’re likely to get that feeling momentarily. 
For reasoning, open-minded people, the next is the sudden realization a powerful arm of the Federal Government – in fact, the entire government apparatus – has no regard for you, your inalienable rights, your freedom or their legal obligation to protect them;
They have no respect for your intelligence and native ability. As Tucker Carlson is fond of saying, “Sit down, Slave and shut up”;
They are terrified you will discover the lies, indescribable horrors and monstrosities they have committed in their pursuit of power and control over you. They have – and will – go to every extreme to accomplish them at the staggering expense of American blood and treasure. 
However, when government agencies and their myrmidons immediately label an inquiry as a “conspiracy theory”, you will discover you are closer to the truth than you realized.
In fact, the majority of what government and media have blithely disposed as “conspiracy theories’ have been revealed as truth. The assassination of an American president by its own government is the primary example. 

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There is an origin to the term. The term conspiracy theory was created in 1967 by the CIA. To discourage people from challenging whatever government propaganda or narrative is put out. You can look this up all over the search engines. The term is used to dismiss or brush them off as crazy.
In response to the “Twitter Files” detailing how the FBI-Twitter circle jerk was real, the bureau called the allegations “conspiracy theories” but never actually denied its relationship with Twitter.

Any reasonable, thinking person conscientiously examining the facts as evidence could not – without overwhelming cognizant dissonance referenced above – walk away with any other conclusion.
After several weeks of these most current revelations, it should be obvious to all but the terminally skeptical that our Government has far less than our best interests at heart. To the contrary, Government efforts to establish and maintain control of every aspect of human endeavor is manifested through little known programs well-funded with extorted taxpayer dollars. Some have been “running in the background” for so long, little attention is paid to them. So thoroughly ‘papered-over’ with the Conspiracy Theory label, few people give a second thought to reflexively blowing them off with derision.

Skeptical yet? I was…
Years ago I remember someone saying something about, those long trails of streaming white stuff that came out of the back of big jet planes. I was told those were vapor trails coming off the jet engines at high altitudes, making ‘clouds’ as they streamed across the sky. Years later, other people said ‘Nope. No sucha thing. Those are just chemtrails – chemical vapors; scientists are “seeding the clouds” to make it rain.” 
OK – whatever, where’s my beer?  Who’s winning the game…?
As years passed, my ignorance-fueled skepticism went through a gradual metamorphosis, an epiphany of sorts, about matters most ridiculed as conspiracy theories…ya know: Roswell and Flying Saucers, Oswald killed Kennedy, Madonna is a virgin, Vince Foster murdered Jeffery Epstein, Covid vaccine really works, elections are fair and honest…things like that. 
But just as we are recently learning UFOs have been dogging Navy jets for years, the truth about Oswald and Kennedy is slowly leaching out, American elections really are unfair, unbalanced and heavily influenced by all sorts of FBI and Twitter skullduggery…more and more factual data is being revealed supporting that ancient conspiracy trope: Mother Nature really does have guys on the inside manipulating the weather, specifically big time storm stuff – like the Christmas Snow and Blow job that just ravaged everything east of the Mississippi – through massive chemical seeding of the atmosphere.  Of course, meteorologists were calling it a “bomb cyclone”, a ‘severe anomaly’, ‘never seen anything quite like this before.”
IOW – that silly chemtrail story everyone poo-poo’d – is actually be the real deal. 
(Getting that ‘CogDis’ feeling yet?)
It’s called geoengineering, not chemtrails. And it’s serious, not some conspiracy theory. Not surprising, it’s a huge subject that’s miraculously managed to stay way below the average person’s radar for nearly 70 years. A lot of damage can be done in 7 decades and has been done right before our eyes. You probably didn’t know that or, like me, you just blew it off, denied it, had other things to do.  
Much of the heavy lifting in this field has been by one Dane Wigington at     
If that cognizant dissonance has a good grip on you now, you might cure it with a visit there or here. Be sure you’re sitting down when you do.  GeoengneeringWatch is a data repository, a-political, it provides attributed proof of everything they post. Not many organizations do that.
Remember the prescient comments of former President Lyndon B. Johnson.  

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Why Does World Economic Forum Chair Klaus Schwab Say China Is a “Model” for Many Countries?

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Between China’s “social credit score system,” we explore the role of “environmental, social and governance” with respect to Schwab’s model for “stakeholder capitalism” in the West.
Here is a stunning, surprising revelation.
World Economic Forum (WEF) Chair Klaus Schwab were interviewed in late November by a Chinese state-owned media outlet; he said of China: “I think it’s a role model for many countries.”
Schwab expressed these comments during an interview with China Global Television Network while discussing a recent meeting of business and government leaders at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.
“I think we should be very careful in imposing systems,” Schwab continued. “But the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.”
Who exactly is “we,” and what aspects of the “Chinese model” might Schwab believe benefits other countries, and more specifically, which countries?
A one-party system governs China: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has little tolerance for criticism of its political leaders. One of the aspects of the CCP is its ability to mobilize quickly without having to convince a political opposition to pass a law.

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Indeed, Schwab said that he respected the “tremendous” achievements of China with respect to the country’s economic transformation over the last 40 years. But, on a different note, another aspect of a one-party system like the CCP is its ability to abuse centralized power and quick mobilization capabilities.
First announced in 2014 by the CCP, the “social credit system” monitors and ranks individual people, companies and government organizations based on “social credit.” China’s social credit system judges all aspects of its citizens’ behaviour. So, for example, if someone is “caught” by advanced cameras jaywalking or playing music too loud, this could limit their rights to travel, such as booking a flight or train ticket. Moreover, even the private sector has non-governmental scoring systems, as reported in 2019 by Wire.

What is the justified purpose of the social credit score?
A Chinese state-issued notice titled “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014-2020)” states that the adopted social credit system is an important part “of the Socialist market economy system and the social governance system.” Indeed, the notice argues that:
[T]he construction of local credit and the development of credit services markets as support, take raising the entire society’s sense of sincerity and credit levels and improving the economic and social operating environment as targets, put people first, broadly shape a thick atmosphere in the entire society that keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful, and ensure that sincerity and trustworthiness become conscious norms of action among all the people.
According to the South China Morning Post, the social credit scores are set by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank of China, and the Chinese court system.

Introducing a social credit framework for sustainability
China’s social credit system may be compared to a social credit framework known as “environmental, social and governance” or ESG. In a 2019 Project Syndicate article, Schwab wrote that to “uphold the principles of stakeholder capitalism,” companies need to integrate ESG goals to complement standard financial metrics.
Schwab expressed that “stakeholder capitalism” is a business model he proposed 50 years ago that “positions private corporations as trustees of society, and is clearly the best response to today’s social and environmental challenges.” As is the case with the WEF Chair, he openly shared his vision:
We should seize this moment to ensure that stakeholder capitalism remains the new dominant model…releasing a new “Davos Manifesto,” which states that companies should pay their fair share of taxes, show zero tolerance for corruption, uphold human rights throughout their global supply chains, and advocate for a competitive level playing field.
In other words, ESG attempts to define corporate standards for socially responsible investing and sustainable investing, which can be described by three major aspects:

First, the “environmental” component reflects a company’s strategy for safeguarding the environment, such as reducing its carbon emissions.
Second, the “social” component represents corporate connections with stakeholders such as vendors, employees and customers, and the residents in the area where the company is located.
Third, the “governance” component reports on expected ethical behavior and compensation for the company’s workforce.

Although ESG originated in the 1960s as socially responsible investing, ESG investing has grown substantially more in recent decades and has become an important aspect of investors’ research processes. For example, Insider Monkey in mid-November discussed five of the biggest ESG companies in the world: Tesla,, Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet (where Google is a subsidiary). Thus, ESG scores can influence a business owner’s decision-making and “filter out” companies with low ESG scores while favorably ranking those companies that contribute “positively” to its three major components.
Financial institutions nowadays scan our financial credit scores—assuming we take out credit cards—to decide whether we are “suitable” for another credit card, bank loan or even a service broken down into monthly payments. The justification is that a good credit score demonstrates a responsible buyer with an income who will make timely payments.
But then, what about those who may opt out of applying for credit in the first place? And could an ESG-type score be the next step for the individual based on their gas and electricity usage, the kind of products they purchase, or the services they use? For example, might buying red meat or travelling by plane be seen as “adding to climate-warming emissions” and thus weaken their ESG-type score? And could that score be used as part of a “filtering” process for future work opportunities and access to leisure services?
One way to pass increasingly authoritarian laws
As expressed in an earlier article titled “Insight From an Open Cabal: They Always Tell the World What They Plan To Do,” one might conclude that any idea supported by Schwab “tends to favor extended centralization of power; a higher emphasis on personal borrowing instead of personal ownership; and greater surveillance and micromanagement through public-private sector partnerships.”
Now unlike China’s explicit one-party state system, the United States of America presents itself as a two-party system—albeit having other parties that occasionally win representation in Congress. To this end, a 2021 Pew Research Center typology shows that Americans are divided by party and within their party. Divisions emerge in relation to views on the role of government, economic policy and inequality, immigration and religion.
Given the above, Harvard University published a report in 2019 analyzing election survey data from 20 countries between 1996 and 2015, to understand the factors impacting affective polarization—that is, the “gap between individuals’ positive feelings toward their own political party and negative feelings toward the opposing party.”
The authors argue that affective polarization, also referenced in a 2021 report by the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern, becomes more “intense” with increasing unemployment and income inequality levels.
Interestingly, the report found “inconsistent evidence” that ideological differences between elected Democrats and Republicans in government are a source of affective polarization. Thus, the authors reached the following conclusion:
American unemployment levels are currently at a nearly 50-year low—yet affective polarization in the U.S. appears to be at a postwar high… If American unemployment levels revert towards their historic norms, let along levels associated with another recession, this development may further amplify inter-party hostility between Democrats and Republicans. While the future of American civic life will turn on many unforeseeable developments, this consideration highlights the challenges we confront as we struggle to build a more civil society.
In other words, if unemployment levels increase, the polarization will increase, and higher polarization reflects more elevated levels of infighting between fellow citizens. Suppose We, the People, struggle to uphold a shared vision for America moving forward by remaining fixated on infighting. In that case, it will be easier for organized lobbying bodies to persuade a government adaption of increasingly authoritarian ideas because ordinary voting citizens remain distracted by each other, and sometimes, find themselves lost in a web of celebrities and media commentators who know how to generate and monetize a theater of “outrage.”
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
There is hope for freedom-loving Americans. That is, if there are enough people, irrespective of ideological differences between parties and within their party, who can agree on protecting certain fundamental rights as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.
But, then, rational voters need to explicitly state and understand those fundamental rights. For instance, are We, the People, going to accept a “social credit system” that might directly influence (sorry, manipulate) our diet, travel behavior, and work and business opportunities?
I believe in grassroots organizations that aim to hold the government accountable for protecting and securing the rights of everyday Americans. And there is a serious need to unite on core values, albeit disagreeing on a diverse range of subject matters.
Imagine an organization of patriots educated in both the Constitution and international lobbying bodies, whether party affiliated or partyless, united in protecting the right to personal privacy (e.g., bodily autonomy and preferred transportation) without being subjected to scrutinizing data collection for marketing and, by extension, surveillance and micromanagement of individual lives.
So who is going to lead America—Klaus Schwab or We, the People?

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Wokerati Infiltrate Food Menus With Absurd Climate Information About Your Hamburger

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Woke scientists are now demanding that fast food joints put warnings on their menus designed to inform you that the tasty burgers and other assorted treats they offer are bad for your health — as if we all don’t already know that — not to mention bad for the environment. Absurd, right?
An environmental warning on fast food products….heaven help us.
According to Newsmax, a group comprised of American researchers have tested the climate-change warnings on fast food menus and discovered that they are effective in encouraging individuals to make better, more sustainable dietary decisions. Insert an eye roll here.

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The Uniparty Vs. The American People

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Many in our “news” media (aka the Democrat Party Propaganda Unit) were thrilled when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other members of the Republican Party like Liz Cheney, criticized Donald Trump, for example, when, upon the publication of the recommendations of the transparently partisan and politically motivated Jan. 6th Committee, McConnell said that “the entire nation knows who is responsible for [the Jan. 6, 2021Capitol riots].” 
Since McConnell did not mention anyone by name and since it is now verified that Nancy Pelosi knew about the threat of violence on Jan. 6th but refused the National Guard troops Trump offered, one can only assume that McConnell must mean that Pelosi is responsible for the riot.  Only kidding!  McConnell would never criticize his fellow “Uni-party” Democrat Party BFF’s in that way. McConnell reserves his ire for the only Republican to have won the presidency in the past 13 years (the one virtually nobody said he could win in 2016) and his supporters.  McConnell plainly means that the entire nation knows that Trump is “responsible” for the riot on Jan. 6th.
In fact, that claim is transparently false.  To take one significant example, the distinguished George Washington University professor of constitutional law, Jonathan Turley, a self-described liberal Obama voter, finds that the Jan’ 6th Committee’s legal case against Trump is extremely weak.  In fact, since Turley actually knows something, in contrast with the plethora of partisan talking-heads paraded daily across our television screens singing from the same hymnal, and since Turley has somehow, in our petty partisan age, managed to retain his integrity, anyone who actually wants to discern the truth on controversial political issues should always consult Turley’s legal opinion on the relevant factual and legal issues of the day to check their own opinions.  One must, therefore, wonder why McConnell is so eager to make transparently false statements to smear his Party’s last successful presidential candidate.  It makes one wonder whose side McConnell is really on.
It is, further, a bit surprising that Democrats and the media are so moved by McConnell’s claim because they normally detest him.  In fact, the “news” media decides which of McConnell’s assertions to celebrate depending on whether they support their Democrat Party narrative or not – or, putting the same point a bit differently, the media’s decision whether to celebrate McConnell’s claims or not is entirely unprincipled. 
In fact, McConnell’s recent decision to support the irresponsible partisan Democrat omnibus spending bill that is nothing more than a left-wing wish list, including, …, provides less than admirable explanation why McConnell might criticize Trump.  Since McConnell, and many of the usual suspects in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, etc., were not willing to demand that the Senate wait just two weeks for the Republican House to be seated in order to give Republicans some leverage in negotiating a more responsible spending bill, for example, to force Biden to control the southern border, one must consider the possibility that these so-called Republicans are not what they purport to be but are actually members of a greedy bipartisan anti-American globalist party.  In that case McConnell’s implied, and frankly silly, claim about what “the entire Nation knows” about the Jan. 6 riots may reflect the fact that he is a closet greedy anti-American of the bipartisan globalist Uni-party whose members are happy to sell the United States down the river in exchange for their personal wealth and power.  
If, therefore, what passes for our “news” media wish to be fair and determine the actual truth of the matter as opposed to protecting Democrats, then they must decide whether McConnell is correct that Trump led an insurrection on Jan. 6th 2020 to overthrow the US government by explicitly telling the protestors to “go peacefully to the Capitol to make your voices heard” or whether the Jan. 6th Committee is just the latest installment of a never-ending conspiracy, literally beginning with the Washington Post’s announcement a few minutes after Trump was inaugurated in Jan. 2017 that the effort to impeach Trump had  begun, to the Russia collusion hoax paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the Lafayette Park photo-op hoax, the Russian bounties on American troops hoax, the fact that courts in battleground states made unconstitutional changes to the voting laws to help Biden, the massive campaigns by Twitter and other social media companies, cooperating our “intelligence agencies,” exposed by Elon Musk, to censor the free speech of Americans in order to deny the 2020 election to the only person who has stood up to the anti-American globalists, namely, Donald Trump.
If the former hypothesis is true then Trump did some very bad things on Jan. 6, 2022, but if the latter hypothesis is true then Trump is a hero who is enduring what no candidate for office should need to endure for the mere sin of running against a globalist “establishment” in both parties that has become thoroughly corrupted.  If the latter is true, then McConnell and his Democrat and Republican allies are the real villains.  Which of these hypotheses is true?

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The Democrat-media collusion team seems to know which of them is true, namely that Trump led an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.  Unfortunately, these “journalists”have not investigated both alternatives.  Don Lemon’s comical claim that deciding the truth should be left to Lilliputian “journalists” like himself just won’t cut it, at least not for adults.  Further, the Jan. 6 Committee was set up in violation of House rules composed entirely of “never-Trumpers” with no opportunity for cross examination of “witnesses,”  some of whose testimony appeared to fall apart.  The committee announced in advance its conclusion that Trump led an insurrection.  Wasn’t that supposed to be announced at the end of the “investigation” after they actually examine the evidence?  And just recently, the committee made clear that its aim is political, namely to prevent Trump from running for office again.  Isn’t that supposed to be left up to “the people” in elections?  Isn’t using the legal process to defeat political enemies the sort of thing they do in banana Republic’s or in the Soviet Union?  Is that constitutional? 
In order to determine which alternative hypothesis is correct one will need to do “investigations” of Dinesh D’Souza’s hypothesis that (more than) 2000 “mules” where recruited by Democrats to stuff ballot boxes, Mollie Hemingway’s claim in Rigged that Mark Zuckerberg paid large amounts of money to plant Democrat operatives in ballot counting centers in key swing states, Dick Morris’ claim that the election was rigged by widespread media suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the question who organized the 51 former intelligence officers that signed a letter just before the 2022 election claiming falsely that the Hunter Biden laptop is “Russian disinformation” and so on.  One presumes that the Democrat-media colluders know what an investigation is because they feel entitled to investigate anything Trump but never seem interested in any investigation of Democrats. What are they are afraid of? 

Until such investigations have been completed what passes for our “journalists” cannot claim to know whether Trump is guilty or whether he has been framed by a bipartisan team of unscrupulous power-intoxicated individuals.  It’s called “fairness”.  One actually has to consider both sides of the argument.  Imagine that!  Perhaps, some of what remains of the journalistic profession have encountered the concept somewhere along the way.  Perhaps not. 
Which is it? Is Trump a dangerous insurrectionist or was he targeted by power-hungry establishment elites in both parties, typified by Sen. Mitch McConnell, because he is the first president with the courage to stand up to them, rather than cashing in like most? 

Mark Twain did not, for nothing, say that “There is no distinctly American criminal class except congress.”

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Not As Smart As We Think We Are

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I have no doubt that God’s Word gives us all the information we need to know, and nothing is hidden from us that we, as Christ followers, must understand. But the Bible is also  filled with information that is not YET for us all to understand.  This is especially true when it comes to Bible prophecy. There are certain things we can only speculate upon. Even as we see current world events lining up with Scripture references, there are some things we’re not ready to fully understand, and God knows that. Indeed, if we knew with absolute certainty the dates, times and events about to take place, many of our hearts would fail us for fear.
In Daniel 11, we have this:?“Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered.  When they fall, they will receive a little help and many who are not sincere will join them.  Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified, and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time.”
I think this is pretty clear. We have wise Bible scholars, instructing many, and they’re being persecuted because of it. They’re being cut down by the sword, burned, falsely imprisoned and plundered.  There are also those who are not sincere Christ-followers who are joining them, but only to infiltrate, cause division and bring persecution. We also read that some of the wise teachers will stumble, and this too is for God’s good purposes. It’s so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless… even the most sincere Christ-followers often need a “wilderness experience” or “character cleansing” in order to prepare us for the work ahead — dangerous work, hard work, life-and-death work that will fall on our shoulders in the last of the last days.
And of those last days, Daniel 12 tells us, “There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then.  But at that time, your people — everyone whose name is found written in the Book — will be delivered.  Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.”
And then, Daniel was instructed to roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end, “when many will go to and fro and knowledge will be increased.” I believe Daniel then observed Jesus Himself, clothed in linen, and standing above the waters of the river. Daniel states that the man clothed in linen lifted his hands toward heaven and stated that “when the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed.” Daniel wanted to know more, but it was not to be. Instead, he was told, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end.  Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked.  None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.”
What can we learn from this area of Scripture? Well meaning, wise Bible teachers will attempt to instruct the lost but they will be persecuted, falsely imprisoned and killed. Their groups and assemblies will be infiltrated by ravening wolves. While this will be horrific, it will serve God’s purposes of refining these Godly ones and preparing their hearts and souls for eternity.
There will come a time of great distress, the likes of which the world has never known before.  Christians will not escape persecution. In fact, we’re told here that the end will not come until the power of the holy people has been finally broken.

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Regardless, the information regarding the last days is rolled up in a sealed scroll and will not be revealed until the time of the end when knowledge is greatly increased and people go to and fro.
We should understand that while knowledge will increase, that doesn’t necessarily mean wisdom will increase. The last few years have shown us the insanity of our human, so-called “knowledge.” We think ourselves to be wise, but fools rule the world. Knowledge doesn’t always translate to wisdom.

As I?look at the big picture of history, it’s amazing what has taken place in just the past 100 years. A hundred years ago, most people were still riding animals — horses — for transportation. The automobile was relatively new. Most rural homes had no indoor plumbing.  Only 35% of households had a telephone. Television wasn’t introduced to the public until 1926, and “talking pictures” began in 1927.
The Communist Party of China was created in 1921 and the USSR a year later. It was in 1920 that the League of Nations was founded, but the United States voted against joining. Also in 1920, instead of welcoming foreign enemies and rolling out the red carpet for them, our Department of Justice was diligent in making sure those invited to our country truly wanted to be Americans… and they arrested and deported 6,000 foreign aliens suspected of being radical Leftists, Communists and anarchists. Today, the Leftists, Communists and anarchists are running the country — straight into the ground, purposely intent on destroying it. It seems we’re not as smart as we think we are.

Knowledge has increased at an exponential rate over the past 100 years. Just think: we now have a Super Hadron Collider known as CERN located 100 meters below the surface of the earth in Switzerland, where engineers and physicists are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. Some say CERN is opening portals and black holes allowing inter-dimensional beings to pass back and forth  — thus, the increased demonic activity we’re seeing every day now. We don’t understand what we’re messing with.
In 2016, a video emerged from the CERN?site showing a group of people wearing dark robes, standing in front of the statue of the goddess Shiva, which adorns the entrance to the facility, stabbing a woman in a satanic death cult ritual. A CERN spokesman said the incident was merely a prank orchestrated by people who had “badge access” to the site. But why would a so-called scientific facility ever do this? And how will we ever know for sure what this really was? With what we already know for sure about the Globalist, demonic agenda, are these not legitimate questions?
We’ve “progressed” so far in our human relativism, that satanic ritual abuse and killings have now become very, very real — and children are particular targets. We set up statues of the demon “Baphomet” for young children to sit on Satan’s lap and have their picture taken. We honor Satan in every major public event.  You may accuse me of being a “conspiracy theorist.” That’s fine. Not so long ago, everything we know today about the origins of ‘COVID’ and the purposes of the masks, lockdowns and jabs were called “conspiracy theories” too. Funny how all those theories turned out to be actual, real  conspiracies — and they’re still going on, and we’re still being mocked by government, media, social media and health officials. But the truth — like the cat — is impossible to stuff back in the bag once it’s gotten out.
One thing that should concern us all these days especially is the advancement of technology, the abundance of cell phones, and in particular, “SMART” phones.
Mobile phones first made their appearance in the 1970s, and only the rich and famous had them. But by the early 1990s, the first real “cell phone” was released to the general public. I remember because I?was doing a lot of traveling for my work in those days, and my wife was pregnant with our first child. Normally, I would check in with her several times a day, using a roadside phone booth. But I became concerned, because what if she needed to reach me in the middle of the day while I was working and nowhere near a phone? How would she contact me? What if I was traveling?
We decided to bite the bullet, and for the sake of safety, get a cell phone. A horrendously heavy thing that came in a bag with a battery that lasted an hour if you were lucky, and cost a fortune to operate. You were given an allotted number of minutes’ use per month, and woe to the one who would go over their minutes. Indeed, you would only make such a mistake once. The service was spotty, and the price was crazy.
But cell phones continued to advance. It wasn’t long before you could not only make phone calls on your cell phone, you could also send text messages, and then things called “emails.”
I?remember in the mid-1990s, having a “flip phone,” which looked remarkably like Captain Kirk’s “communicator.” Surely the future had arrived. You’d raise a little plastic antennae, flip your phone open and hope for the best. Usually you needed to be in a city, next to the cell tower to get any reception. I remember wandering around in my driveway trying to catch a connection so I could have a conversation. Remember those old TV ads, “Can you hear me now?” No, in most cases you couldn’t.
But the technology wasn’t stopping and the infrastructure continued to be built. In 2007 the first iPhone came out, making “SMART” phones the most advanced the world had ever seen. The iPhone was the first hand-held mini-computer that integrated a telephone, a touch-screen emailer, a text-messager, an electronic scheduler/calendar, a camera, a place to buy and store digital music, and access countless other computer applications.
The iPhone was the pinnacle of convenience; service was much improved and with a nearby internet connection you could even browse the Worldwide Web. It wouldn’t be long before you wouldn’t even need an internet connection — you’d just use your cellular data.
Today, there are more than 3 million mobile apps for cell phones and the average cell phone has 80 of them installed. With your SMART phone, you can watch the weather and world-wide weather radar, you can purchase and listen to music, book hotels and airline flights, do your banking, pay your bills, order food delivery, shop for anything in the world, purchase and watch movies, control your home appliances, send emails, browse the internet, interact on countless social media sites, shop for cars, play an endless variety of online games,  navigate traffic and travel routes, monitor your health, have video calls with people on the other side of the world — with NO?long distance charges, and yes, even read the Bible, if you’re so inclined. For what it’s worth, guess which “app” is the least used on any cell phone today? You guessed it: the PHONE!
Today, 91% of the world’s population owns a cell phone and of those, 85% are SMART phones. Now some may think that the word ‘SMART’ simply means a much more advanced type of cell phone. Few understand that it’s actually an acronym for: “SUSTAINABILITY,” “MONITORING,” “ASSESSING,” “RATING,” and “TRACKING.” This is what “SMART” actually stands for. Again: Sustainability, meaning it will be reliable and able to be counted on to work as intended for a lengthy amount of time; Monitoring, meaning that your SMART device — and there are many now that should concern us —  not just phones, will monitor what you, the user do on your device; Assessing, meaning that someone is going through the data they’re monitoring to assess your personal habits, likes, dislikes, even your thoughts and ideas; Rating, meaning that after they assess you, they’ll give you a “rating” — whether you’re a good, obedient Globalist peasant or a trouble-maker; and Tracking, meaning that wherever you go, they’ll be watching you and there’ll be no escape.
Sustainability; Monitoring, Assessing, Rating, Tracking. In other parts of the world, we’ve already seen social credit scores and carbon footprint tracking in use for a while now, which is done through assessing and rating. It’s coming here as Big Tech monitors everything we do on our SMART devices, which listen to and watch us even when they’re turned off. Tracking was a key rollout during the COVID scamdemic. And the coming One-World Digital Currency would not be possible without our slave trackers — our SMART phones, which we voluntarily take everywhere with us. Unfortunately, one day, perhaps soon, even those reluctant to do so will need to make the decision to smash their phones or join the Beast system. Those not connected to the system will be outcasts, unable to buy, sell, trade or travel. But I?believe we’ll find ourselves more free than our so-called “SMART” counterparts.
Indeed, knowledge has increased tremendously. Even to the point some of us think we are our own gods. But there is ONE God, our Creator, who will return at the appointed time, unseal the scrolls and show us we’re not as smart as we think we are.
By Rob Pue
Rob is an ordained minister and the founder and publisher of Wisconsin Christian News, a national Christian newspaper based in Wisconsin. He writes a monthly commentary for WCN, and can also be heard twice weekly, (Tuesdays and Saturdays) nationwide on the VCY America Radio Network, (as well as several other independent stations), with his “From the Editor’s Desk” commentaries. Rob’s messages offer unique teaching and insights from God’s Word, dealing with the most important issues of our day. In addition, Rob hosts the weekly internet TV program, “WCN-TV,” every Wednesday at 2 pm Central time, which can be found at   He is also available for speaking engagements for conferences and special events. View his website at:
Audio CDs and text versions of this message are available when you call me at Wisconsin Christian News, (715) 486-8066. Or email Ask for message number 381.

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What ‘Purportedly” Caused Arizona’s Mid-Term Election Debacle

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The Judge in Kari Lake’s case did not allow the trial to proceed on most of the counts.  He did not care about lack of accurate signature verification, for which Lake’s team submitted evidence, and the Cyber Ninja’s audit conducted after the 2020 election proved conclusively, and he did not care about the fact that Hobbs did not recuse herself from being the party responsible, as Secretary of State, for running the election.  Her being the candidate for Governor did not prohibit her from running her own election in Arizona.  The Judge did not care that Elections Officials were clearly partisan, having created a PAC to defeat MAGA candidates, and having contributed to Democrats and their PACS in the recent past. He also did not care that executives at Runbeck, the company responsible for printing many of the ballots, and for counting the votes, and Runbeck employees, also contributed to these Democratic causes.
Kari Lake’s legal team was restricted by a judge to sampling ballots in a very limited way.  It was a big deal that the judge granted access to ballots at all. The search for bad ballots, among several hundred thousand from over 200 voting centers, evidence of malfeasance, was constrained to one day. Only a fraction of the total collected as suspect was examined closely by Lake’s expert in elections equipment and processes because time ran out. He testified that he found dozens of these 19” ballot images on 20” ballot paper from six different voting centers.  The resulting ballot is one which would pass muster except for the highly trained and experienced eye of an expert.  This is why so many voters filled them out, thinking they were legitimate.
From this expert, we learned that 19” inch versions of the correct 20” ballot were printed by OKI printers(according to the Election Director) at three(if you believe him) or 6+ (if you believe the Lake team) voting centers. We are told by the Election Director that he knew of this problem “a few days after” the election, but that he never reported it to the Maricopa County Supervisors, did not create a Report or even a Memo, and didn’t realize when the Prosecution was asking about “shrink to fit” and 19” ballots being printed on 20” paper on the first day of the trial that they might be referring to the problem he said he and his team had identified in his post-election analysis which he called “Fit to Page.”
There are two ways, apparently, that the wrong size ballot could be introduced into the voting process on election day.  The most obvious one is that someone who wanted to create havoc on election day altered the pdf file used for the election day voting for ballot-on-demand printers and uploaded it to the laptop used to control these OKI devices, replacing the correct pdf file.  According to the Elections Director’s own testimony, someone would have had to do this three times, or possibly more, because three voting centers were affected, and some had multiple printers, each controlled by laptops containing the pdfs. Presumably, this would require Admin access, so there would be a limited number of people who worked for the Elections department with this level of access to make a change to the system. 
This explanation, if found to be the correct one, would be evidence of fraud. It is illegal to change a ballot to be used in an election. Whether this happened can only be determined with access, under subpoena, to the laptops that controlled the printers.  If this happened, by now, the 19” pdf has probably already been swapped for the original, 20” pdf by someone with Admin. Access and the Security Log files which capture ny and all changes made to the system may have been overwritten as well, as they were in 2021 before the Arizona Elections Officials turned over their equipment to Cyber Ninjas after a many months long battle of the attorneys with their subpoenas and appeals.
According to the Elections Director, a “Fit to Page” feature of the OKI ballot-on-demand printers must have been used to reset the ballot vertical dimension in an effort to rectify the printing issues being encountered at 59% of the voting centers(that’s about 120 of them).  These issues that needed Technicians to rectify, involved not enough toner, I heard from voters and voting center volunteers, being applied to the ballots by the printers. Some “heat” adjustments were made, according to the Election Director, by his Technicians, and some shaking of toner cartridges happened, in addition to the “Fit to Page” adjustment. Having done some research on the “Fit to Page” feature for OKI printers, I found out how it works.  What I discovered makes it less likely that this is the valid explanation for what actually happened.
The Technician wanting to change the page image to a different size needs to enter the X- and Y- factors to change the current page size to another.  The 19” image that got printed, when 20” was the original and correct size, would need a Y- factor to be entered of point 95(.95) which is the decimal equivalent of 19/20. We have not heard anything about whether the width of the ballot was altered, but it is safe to assume that any Technician with any knowledge would realize the X- factor would need to be the same as the Y-factor otherwise the ballot image would be totally out of proportion.  

“*” indicates required fields

So out of all possible values, we are supposed to believe that multiple Technicians and multiple voting centers entered exactly these values and then did not stick around to see if the ballots they produced would Tabulate correctly. We were told by voters, lawyers who supervised the election, visiting over 100 voting centers that the problems at many locations went on for hours and hours starting early in the morning, and continuing into the mid-afternoon. 
From my reading of the manual, I could not determine whether the decimals would go up or down by .05 or an even smaller increment, say .01.  The smaller the increment, the more options there are for resetting the printer.  We are supposed to believe that one Technician did not pick .98 or .90, but all picked .95 for the Y-factor. For this to have happened, it must have been coordinated between Technicians… “Let’s all try doing this to fix the problem.” There should be text messages as artifacts from such coordination. Did these Technicians have a Supervisor, or did they report directly to the Election Director?  Who were they, and what are their backgrounds?

There should also be documentation from the Technicians of where they went, and what problems they encountered, and what they did in order to try to fix the problems; something like an Incident Report.  It was an election, after all, so these types of attention to details would be important.
Tabulators contain scanners that scan at a fixed dpi, or dots per inch. The change to 19” made the Tabulators reject the ballots, according to the Lake expert, and to the Elections Director, but the ballots were already being rejected, because that is why the Technicians were sent to fix the problems. Such a change (to 19” vertical) effectively gives less info. about what is on the ballot to the Tabulator. Any trained Technician should know that this change to printer settings would make the problem WORSE.

If a vertical inch is sampled at the rate of 300 dpi, then reducing that inch to .95 times it’s former self would reduce the data available to determine what is on the ballot.
At all these centers, Tabulators were rejecting ballots, so after multiple attempts to feed the ballots, voters were told to spoil their ballot and go to another voting center, or they were told they could place their uncounted ballot into Door 3.  There was an issue raised about whether these voters could actually vote elsewhere, because unless they were properly “checked out” they would go elsewhere and not be permitted to vote because they “purportedly” already voted. The ballots they put into Drawer 3 would all be rejected at “central count” because the Tabulators all work the same way looking for a 20” ballot image to successfully process the ballot. The Elections Department could provide no information on how many of these Drawer 3 ballots there were.  They did not count them at the voting centers, but they gave them to a third party to transport.  The company that transported them did not count them either. They were given to Runbeck to Tabulate. But of course, they would not Tabulate, being illegitimate, so they would be “duplicated.” to make them into 20” ballots and then they would be Tabulated…at least probably.
So, to review.  Over 50 printers malfunctioned on election day. If you think the probability of one of them going off is about 1/100, then the probability of this many going off is 1/100 to the power of 50.
Recall that all printers and all other equipment functioned fine for the 20 voting days prior to election day. This probability is one in a duotrigintillion (I looked it up). As a math major at U.C. Berkeley, I’ve never heard of such a large number.
Now multiply this by the likelihood(a.k.a. probability) that several different Technicians all made the same change to the printer settings (one that would make things worse…and one that required the exact value of point 95 be entered as the Y-factor), even though the election was ALL conducted using 20” ballots on 20” ballot paper. You see that mathematics cannot quantify the probability of both of these events occurring on election day as we are supposed to believe they did.
This article mainly addresses the 19” ballot image on 20” ballot paper issue.  The other count on which the Judge allowed the Lake team to proceed to trial concerned lack of “Chain of Custody” and the Maricopa Election Officials failure to follow Arizona law regarding it. That is another matter altogether, but the Lake team demonstrated that laws were broken in several regards, and they submitted affidavits from witnesses to prove it.  The Judge seemed to ignore this problem in his ruling against Lake.

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The Curtain Has Been Opened

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We now know through the Twitter files that have been released that the FBI/CIA are totally corrupt and working against our citizenry. This explains many things over the years that seemed odd and when citizens questioned the occurrences they were called far right conspiracy nuts and then ignored and were thought to be forgotten.  
Today we have a rather simple revelation of a confluence  of the three parts of our government in action. This has evolved over the past 100 years into total control by the financial class.
 The three groups are the politicians, the bureaucrats and the financial crowd in New York.  Their motivations are similar enough to keep them all in line while ignoring the odd wayward deviation from the mutually agreed on program as a necessary blip. Their lusts are greed, personal power, fear of being left out or a  combination of all of the above.  The main revelation in this situation is that even the most religious socialist has to admit there has been corruption on the way to nerd-vana but he still feels it must be ignored so as not to deviate from the official dogma.
The path towards our current social instability started with the union labor strikes in the late 19th century. The other wing was the finance industry providing needed funds to support the industries and their own control. Their movements were entirely disparate in the beginning but the Wall Street boys learned early on that by supplying money and support to both sides you always win.  It was a long term concept with many a twist and turn but it has proven a fantastic investment.  It has taken many decades for the curtain to be pulled aside but now the corruption is open for all that want to see through the Twitter releases.
The last group that has most recently become involved is the DC bureaucracy.  They have been expanding their power since FDR which was finally solidified by Nixon allowing an employee union.  They will not let go until our empire falls or their heads do.  The internal power struggle always continues with the  bureaucrats and the politicians struggling to be number 1 boy to the financial set.  They team up as necessary to unseat any deviation from the approved paths but since heretics arrive rarely, this is a minor difficulty.
 The first obstacle was JFK who wanted to trim the CIA because of their disaster in Cuba and other failed missions.  He also signed and executive order to reissue Silver Certificates which is THE big no-no!  The Federal Reserve is the ultimate power in the world.  A pleasant drive through Dallas was unfortunately interrupted. 
 Nixon gave instructions for his staff to find out how many CIA people could be fired by presidential edict as he wanted to get rid of the personnel pipeline from the Ivy League as well as people who would not support his Vietnam policies.  He believed the self-interested bureaucrats could not be trusted to fulfill his plans. Out comes Watergate.  Bye Bye Tricky Dick!

“*” indicates required fields

  Clinton declared that the “era of big government is over.”  He tried to cover his tracks by repealing the Glass-Steagal banking system but the blob never forgets or trusts again.  It was a simple matter to find a little girl in the closet to turn his wagon over.
 Trump had to go as he threatened the status quo across the board which could turn back the clock on rule by the triumvirate if he delved too deeply into the catacombs of the empire.  His worst characteristics were that he could not be blackmailed financially and was used to being abused by the media.  They are taking no chances. The politicians and their staffs have been shown to be of low intellect and lower morality.  The rotating think tanks are quite similar but also can be easily purchased. This combination would make Goebbels blush!

What does this have to do with Twitter? The revelation that the whole system is totally corrupt may finally have to be addressed by the people.  The citizens have been asleep for decades or simply too busy trying to survive the filth and corruption that has been raining down for 80 years to actually take the time to understand the situation.  The purchased media has finally been revealed as a huge propaganda machine to even the most obtuse socialist. 
We now also know that our election system is totally corrupted. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona have placed a searchlight upon that rotten edifice called voting.  The printing of money to line the pockets of the retiring Congress is abhorrent to most people.  The proxy war in Ukraine supports a huge money funnel back into Congress which has to do the bidding of a naked piano player from Ukraine because they have left themselves open for blackmail as usual.

We know the Chinese have bought their way into the White House, Congress, Health Department and of course the university system.  The borders are guarded by men armed with megaphones and bus tickets.  Homosexuals and other freaks are in charge of the future generations in our schools. The biggest series of legal experimental deaths in history has been regulated by our own health department under the pay of drug companies.
Finally, the world dominance of our financial system is finished.  This in and of itself may begin a realignment of the globe with the bankers having to create a new alliance system.  It may crack the edifice of our abusers, I mean government.
 The curtain has been raised a bit and that gives me hope for the future.
The Madame

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Most Quotable Quotes – 2022

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Starting a Christmas tradition, here are the “20 Most Quotable Quotes – 2022”: the most compelling comments by brilliant minds harvested throughout the year from Facebook, Twitter, various cites and comments sections around the Internet (even a few of my own!). All of them focus on the ‘state of the nation’, not as customarily referenced in political terms, but as reflected in our shared reality and, pragmatically, to see a way forward for us and our posterity. Feel free – in fact, you’re encouraged – to share them with other inquiring minds.
Brian Wilson
Christmas Morning 2022.
Quotable Quotes – 2022
The very first prerequisite for being intellectually smart is skepticism. You can have a very high functioning brain–or a super-duper computer–but if you feed it bad information you’ll get bad results: garbage in; garbage out. Skepticism is what controls inputs. Without it, you’re just a quick-thinking goldfish. Intellectually smart is NOT any gauge of emotional stability.
Bob Anon
If you believe, as Americans traditionally have, that government gets its authority from the people, how does government assume authority for something that would be a crime for you and me? Is it possible that that government is criminal indeed?

“*” indicates required fields

Don Anon
“Government” is the name of a very real gang of people. It is true that many people falsely believe the gang has a special exemption from fundamental moral behavior.

That widespread false belief, along with an even more widespread refusal to resist on the grounds of self-preservation are what allows the gang to continue to exist.
A prerequisite to societal progress is that enough* people understand the error in believing anyone has an exemption from basic moral behavior. Government, by definition, rests entirely on that false exemption, and is therefore inherently illegitimate.

Once that prerequisite is met, then resistance can yield positive results provided enough* people participate.
* Enough is the operative word. Clearly if everyone participates in resisting the gang, its dissolution is assured, and with minimal violence. If only a handful resist, the gang will squash them, funded by the efforts of those who do not resist. Open to debate is the minimum percentage of resisters needed to assure dissolution. I suspect it is lower than most of us think.
Sally Mills
It’s the logical fallacy of begging the question. The government has the authority to do what it does because it’s the government. There is no valid logical argument for it. Unfortunately, most human beings can’t reason or use rational, logic or common sense to save their lives. They are ignorant, lazy sloths who care more about being seen as cool and hip and rich than more profound things like free-will, dignity and the their kid’s future.
Don Cooper
Legally, Morally, Logically, Reasonably, Objectively Authority and Power comes from and stops at one place: You. Every other entity claiming to exercise Authority and Power over you and ‘the people’, do so illegally and immorally; logic and reason thus become irrelevant since Authority combined with Power equals Force and Force does not require Reason, just the Means.
Brian Wilson
The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent is this — that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot.”
Lysander Spooner
It should be abundantly clear by now that our problem isn’t the state. The state is only a symptom. The problem is our unimaginative, obsequiously obedient, statist-to-the-core population, without which the state would be a much smaller problem. We can write all the essays we want, teach all the economics we want, cite all the great thinkers in the libertarian tradition we want. It’s not going to work because the Nitwit Mob doesn’t want to be reasoned with. They don’t want to consider your point of view. They want an all-powerful state to care for them like they are livestock and they demand you take your place in the stable next to them (not to mention pay for the stable).
Tom Mullen 
Just having the words on paper does not mean stated principles or written laws will be obeyed. The arbitrary, selective obedience – now in common practice by government at all levels – is what renders the Constitution and Bill of Rights worthless as any solid defense against tyranny. As a result, your freedom is merely theoretical to the moment.                                                                                  
A. Nonny Moose, Sayer of Confounding Things (ret.)
“I don’t think we are fighting RINOs or Ds. I think we are fighting global systems of control. Globalists. It is the same fight that Brazilians are facing … that Canadians are facing … the Brits are facing. I believe that “they” mobilized a global pandemic to stop Trump and the Brexit contagion. Stop to consider that for a moment. They showed us that they have the organization and resources to initiate a global pandemic. They showed us that they have people placed in all the right places in the US and other governments to work from the inside … their systems of control are so strong and vast that they can mobilize Big Tech and global media resources to enforce a global propaganda campaign. It’s truly mind-boggling. The demonstrated power of our enemy is astonishing. Their organization is astonishing. Their reach and penetration into all aspects of everyday life — everywhere — is astonishing…I don’t want to believe that such an organization exists … but it’s literally right in front of our eyes all the time. What other conclusion can there be?”
Ed Kilduff
It’s not a massive leap when you consider that at heart, all governments are is a large criminal conspiracy, ripe with corruption and begging to be further corrupted. To think that various criminal conspiracies would work together isn’t exactly unheard of, just the opposite actually.
If we spend too much time wondering who exactly is in charge of this conspiracy, we miss the bigger picture, which is that it’s only possible because government itself is criminal and makes this large scale crime, not only possible, but inevitable.
Of course you will get grand scale manipulation when government is allowed to grow ever larger and larger. We gave a criminal conspiracy control over every aspect of our lives, including our media decades ago. What else would you expect? Would you expect them Not to abuse that power, to line their own pockets, in any and every way possible?
And by the way, 9/11 was also pretty much a worldwide event and was treated as such. How was the immediate roll out of the Patriot act and all the wars that came after any different than this covid con? Remember the anthrax vaccine developed during that time as well? They got away with scaring everyone in America 24/7 with terrorists color coded warning and all that crap for so long, why wouldn’t they use that same exact model again and again against the people to grab more power and money?
This isn’t the first time or the last, that they will put together a world changing global level mind fuck on us.                                                                                        
Brad Smith
The simple statement that you cannot apply to yourself what is good for you proves that state authority crushes your most basic rights. It also crushes the basic rights of all those who are negatively impacted by any state decision. The fact that many people consider themselves donating to a supposed collective good that the state has “a mission to ensure” destroys their sense of self. Giving to a common good that hurts you materially has never been a practical measure of rationality. On the contrary, those who adopt this stance fail to live the freedom for which they were born. Throwing away the innate intellectual ability you possess. These, when well-intentioned, do not exercise their sovereignty and unconsciously submit to the will of individuals whose mentality acts strategically on the course of enslaving their fellows.
Andre Moreira
The idea is rather simple – They believe that ‘we the people’ cannot be allowed to come to our own conclusions. They think we cannot be trusted to develop the “proper” viewpoints and we are not smart enough to understand the implications of governmental decisions. 
In other words, they believe the exact opposite of what is outlined in the US Constitution.
PJ O’Rourke
Liberals believe anything that advances independence limits their power and control. Guns, free speech, critical thinking are threats that must be suppressed, regulated, prohibited, or taxed until they are eradicated – along with the rights and freedom they once protected.                                                                                 
James Bovard
Almost every single “conspiracy claim” made by liberty groups over the past two decades has turned out to be true. There is indeed an authoritarian agenda at the core of our government today, and it has been gestating for many years. We saw this agenda enacted right out in the open during the pandemic lockdowns. The federal government and some state governments sought to erase nearly every protection outlined in the Bill of Rights, including free speech. 
I don’t think people realize how close we actually came to a kinetic civil war because of the covid mandates and the attempted vaccine passports. We were two seconds away from midnight. All I can say is, the moment someone tries to force me to take an untested Big Pharma product, I’ll put them six feet under. And, almost everyone I know feels the same way.
There is no conspiracy theory, there is only conspiracy reality.                                                                           
A. Nonny Moose,  Absolute Absolutist (ret.) 
The “free and fair elections” we may have had (by comparison) only served to bring us to where we are via the scourge of Politics and Lust for Power. “Journalism” died a slow, unnoticed death decades ago. Only today are most noticing the fetid corpse every evening on “the News”.
Brian Wilson
Under the Biden administration’s “whatever it takes” Ukraine doctrine of wanton spending,  the Federal Reserve’s crippling of the economy and debasement of the dollar, and the ‘war against fossil fuels’, America will soon be bankrupt, stripped of sufficient weapons for national defense short of mutually assured nuclear destruction, drained oil reserves and crippled by unsustainable ‘green’ dictums, elimination of small businesses along with the middle class, gutting our health care system. The non-stop invasion of illegal 3rd world aliens drains our medical, social and welfare resources, overruns public schools, and erodes real estate values. Thanks to profligate federal spending, the government will soon be unable to meet the obligations of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and servicing the national debt. Combined with the unbridled ‘cancel culture’, the foundation of American society is crumbling around us. A. Nonny Moose, Clockwatcher (ret.)
The United States government has become exactly what the founding fathers were writing the declaration of independence and constitution for.
The portion in the declaration that speaks about the reticence of ordinary people to engage in a war is especially important, because it accurately states that people don’t want to possibly die in a battle and so they will basically go along and get along .
This country celebrates its military constantly, and, of course, the men and women sign a contract saying that if called upon, they will do battle for us , the citizens of the USA .
It would be a huge deal, obviously for Texas or Arizona or any border state to call out the National Guard to do the job that the federal government is failing to do, but it is exactly what has to ultimately be required if the voters expect that to be done. 
Joe Biden, absolutely 100% should be impeached for this reason alone, failing to provide for the defense of the citizens of the United States.                                                                  
Paul D. Meyers 
The few Americans who speak passionately from podiums, sign petitions or organize the occasional demonstration, are routinely ignored by entrenched ‘elected officials’ and untouchable bureaucrats who dismiss them with the impunity of empty platitudes and promises. Left with flaccid opposition from any quarter – political or popular – virtually guarantees America’s pending demise. Prove me wrong.                                                                                                                   
Brian Wilson
“The most powerful weapon that any people can have is TRUTH. If we ever find  ourselves in a position where we cannot tell the truth, or where we feel that the telling will injure us, we will have sacrificed that most powerful weapon.”
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
“Get out of fear and stay out of fear. . . .You think a snowflake is weak and fragile until enough of them get together, and then they can shut down New York City. . . . If we can face it, God can fix it.  Don’t go to fear.”                                                                           
Catherine Austin Fitts

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Whose Fight Is This?

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If you saw a fight break out between two of the most asinine people in town, and one fighter was much bigger than the other, would you run across the street and cheer on the smaller jerk? Even though the little guy had poked, prodded, and violated the personal space of his opponent and provoked the attack, would you hand him dubiously effective weapons like a broken bottle or maybe your belt to help him injure and defeat his larger enemy?
Most people would not. I certainly would keep walking because I have seen and been in more than my share of fights and I am way past running to a fight that does not concern me in the least. However, if the smaller fighter was your partner in a criminal enterprise that is extremely lucrative, perhaps you would be compelled to get involved. What an awkward position that would put you in. 
Should you fully engage, knowing the two of you together could handily defeat the big guy? Probably not prudent, especially since the big guy has this Huge Chinese Dude behind him that he has been drinking with lately. You and the mouthy runt could have your hands full. 
You like to think you are still the tough guy you used to be. Like the de facto town cop, people expect you come to the aid of anyone who has been seemingly unjustly attacked. Back in the day you stepped into to large gang fights and kicked ass, ended the fights and restored order. You were the Man. Naturally onlookers at this fight expect you to eventually use your considerable clout to end the nonsensical debacle. They act like they want to help but they stay out of reach. Such an awkward position you find yourself in. You really have no idea whether or not you have what it takes anymore.
The bottle and the belt didn’t faze him much. You have a wicked knife in your pocket. At what point do you slip your partner the real weapon that could do the job? Have you considered that the big dude might have some weapons he has held back, which might be turned on you? Have you considered that it might leave you relatively unarmed once you have funneled everything into this fight? What will happen to YOU (and your family) if you get your skull cracked by the other two, and everyone realizes that you are not The Man any longer?
It would have to be a really, really lucrative and ugly enterprise you and your partner have going to have allowed yourself to be drawn into this quagmire. Not only the loss of ill gotten money, but the potential loss of face concerns you deeply. If the onlookers learned that you were not kindly, only just greedy and corrupt to the core, well, that would not be good. Your family would find out, too.
So you continue to put yourself and your family at risk by scraping around and handing your partner just enough in the way of weapons to keep the fight going. The onlookers (and the runt) think you are not doing enough; your family is horrified at your behavior and the lack of concern you are showing for them. Such an awkward position you put everyone in. 

“*” indicates required fields

The Huge Chinese Dude just stands back, watching with his arms folded, a smug look on his face.

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Historically, Christians Have Responded to Disasters Because of Bethlehem!

Genuine Christians are known for their love for people, all people; however, love is not revealed by songs, statements, and slogans but by acts of kindness, help, sacrifice, etc. The Bible often refers to love, and that love was finally put on display to the world when God became man in Bethlehem, lived and preached for about 33 years then willingly died on a cross for each person’s sin. His love and deity were demonstrated with a victorious resurrection.

The world was never the same after that.

Following Christ’s ascension, Christians were visual examples of God’s love demonstrated by how they lived, gave, served, and preached during good and difficult times. The world has experienced one disaster after another and each time, Christians have been there to help as is obvious today in African nations ravaged by famine, war, and natural disasters. And now we see Ukraine where civilians are hungry, cold, and hurting. We have seen many Christian groups active in Florida and other southern states following catastrophic storms.

Weather-related and other natural disasters in recent years have supported the fact that Christians are very giving, loving people willing to serve, sacrifice, and suffer to help those in need, whatever the religious, political, or racial factors of the sufferers. Not having a bureaucracy to slow their responses, Christian groups are usually the first on the scene and the last to leave.

That’s the way it should be even though the main message of the groups is personal salvation, they also have a passion to help others. Disasters in far-flung cities and nations have seen numerous acts of kindness to help people get through disasters and improve their political, social, religious, and day-to-day lives.

The first world pandemic (thought to be smallpox) was the “Antonine Plague” of 165-180 which killed about five million people.  Soon after, in 249, the so-called “Plague of Cyprian” broke out during a very troubled time that lasted until well into 271. It killed 5,000 people per day in Rome.

Rodney Stark wrote in The Rise of Christianity, “Christians stayed in the afflicted cities when pagan leaders, including physicians, fled.” As the first symptom appeared, victims often were thrown into the streets, where the dead and dying lay in piles.

St. Dionysius of Alexandria witnessed the pagan reaction to the plague: “At the first onset of the disease, they pushed the sufferers away and fled from their dearest, throwing them into the roads before they were dead and treating unburied corpses as dirt, hoping thereby to avert the spread and contagion of the fatal disease; but do what they might, they found it difficult to escape.”

The early Christian leader continued, “Most of our brother Christians showed unbounded love and loyalty, never sparing themselves and thinking only of one another. Heedless of danger, they took charge of the sick, attending to their every need and ministering to them in Christ, and with them departed this life serenely happy; for they were infected by others with the disease, drawing on themselves the sickness of their neighbors and cheerfully accepting their pains. Many, in nursing and curing others, transferred their death to themselves and died in their stead.”

Dionysius added, “But with the heathen everything was quite otherwise. They deserted those who began to be sick, and fled from their dearest friends.”

The last pagan emperor, Julian the Apostate, scolded the pagan priests for not being the example as the Christians were during another plague in 362. He attributed the growth of Christianity to their compassion and sacrificial service during dangerous and deadly times.

In A.D. 540, the Plague of Justinian smacked the Greek Empire with 10,000 deaths per day! When the pestilence had passed, there was so much depravity and general licentiousness that it seemed, said Procopius, that “only the most wicked were left alive.”

There is no doubt that the plague of Justinian nudged Europe into the Dark Ages, so informed people are aware of the present danger posed by repeated terrorist attacks against our nation. Those attacks would affect our constitution, community, commerce, churches, and culture; they could affect your character as well. Christians with character will be a major ameliorating force in helping civic officials clean up the mess.

The incredible chaos from the COVID scandal with all the lockdowns, school closings, business bankruptcies, medical confusion like never before, unnecessary deaths, terminated workers, political controversy, etc., is a perfect example of an impact upon every person.

Along with other disasters, the plague of Justinian reduced the population of the Mediterranean world by 40% before 600.  Repeated subsequent waves of the plague continued to smash the area throughout the 6th, 7th, and 8th centuries.  Constantinople (now named Istanbul) was the most important political and cultural center of the Western world and the hub of Christian civilization. Constantinople came to a standstill as food started to run out, and law and order broke down turning into anarchy.

Millions of Europeans died of the plague, receiving little help from the medical establishment or the Roman Catholic Church. Consequently, the people lost respect for them and began to examine the old “truths” with an inquiring mind. They discovered that many of the old “truths” were without foundation, so the people decided to think for themselves. At this time, the Pope gave permission for the bodies of plague victims to be dissected in an attempt to garner knowledge about the plague. This inquiring and commendable spirit and challenge to past authorities was the beginning of modern science. I salute the pope for his salutary and courageous decision.

Others think the plague helped spark the Protestant Reformation. However, John Wycliffe had ignited a flame in England in the late 1300s when he exposed the nonbiblical doctrines of the Roman Church. He demanded that the Bible—not the church—was to guide all Christians. He supported his positions with his new translation of the Bible. Yes, the plague impacted the nation, but it was only a minor impetus for the Reformation. John Wycliffe (and his Bible) was the “Morning Star of the Reformation.”

In light of the foregoing horror stories, should we expect to see similar results from the crises we would face when terrorists strike again and again and again? As we face the possibilities of biological, chemical, or nuclear warfare, what impact would it have on your life, if you live through the events?

Major epidemics, famines, and natural disasters, not only have a profound effect on the political, business, and agricultural life of a nation, but they also change people. My purpose is to consider the possibility of horrific, adverse reactions to epidemics and disasters that face us. Human reactions in the past have wrought havoc upon society and if the next terrorist attack is biological or chemical, we could face the same experiences of people in the past when the pestilence was natural, not man-made.

The continuing atmosphere of death and constant terror drove men to look honestly at their lives and at their religious experience. This resulted in thousands becoming more sincere and placing more emphasis on their personal relationship with Christ. It also led them away from the established churches in various countries. Printing had been invented in 1450, and people were now reading the Bible and doing their own thinking for the first time in over a thousand years. They realized that church membership and church attendance did not produce personal satisfaction or personal salvation as they had been taught. Following personal conversion, those new converts (but old church members) lived and died as Christians.

Christians believed they had a responsibility to help others as a Christian duty, so during times of famine they shared their food; in times of sorrow, they wept with the bereaved; and in times of pestilence, they nursed the sick and dying. The non-Christians and the pagans took notice of such kindness–and at a time when other institutions were damaged, discredited, and often dissolved, the Christian churches were deployed and developed. William McNeill wrote: “Pagans fled from the sick and heartlessly abandoned them.” Christians stayed and served–and died.

That’s what real Christians have always done and are doing as I write. Love is always shown in the daily activities of selflessness, service, and sacrifice thanks to Bethlehem, Calvary, and an empty tomb.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 20 books, the most recent, Reflections of a Lifetime Fundamentalist: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! The eBook is available at for $4.99. Other titles at Follow him on Facebook at Don  Boys, Ph.D., and visit his blog. Send a request to for a free subscription to his articles and click here to support  his work with a donation.)

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  John Bunyan, Baptist Preacher

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