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Like with every issue, the Biden White House cannot figure out its position on so-called “gender affirming care” (also known as “genital mutilation”) for children and minors. First they’re all for it, then they’re for some parts of it but not others, and then they’re back to supporting the most extreme medical interventions. At issue now is whether the White House supports sex-change surgery for kids.

The reason for this waffling appears to be that neither Biden nor anyone in the administration is actually making these decisions. Instead, radical campaigning groups are doing it for them. Sleuths on Twitter/X have put together a chain of rapidly “evolving” statements from the White House after apparent interference from the Human Rights Campaign. HRC began as a gay rights organization but has transformed into a pressure group that endorses the chemical poisoning of children and surgical sex-changes.

It would have us believe there are 2 million people living in the U.S. who are “transgender” and born in the wrong body. And even more unbelievable, we’re to believe that this population somehow sprung up out of nowhere in the past two decades or so.

Let’s walk through the recent White House statements.

Noah Pollak points to evidence that the White House is updating its positions based on feedback from HRC.

This leads to a chain of posts from Jennifer Block, who has “the receipts”:

The White House starts out surprisingly taking the morally sane position, that it’s wrong to give children sex-change hormones and surgeries.

But wait, there’s more:

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a big change, but it is. In the original, the White House opposes surgeries on children, and it keeps that statement of opposition in the update. But it also changes some key phrases, perhaps in order to give itself plausible deniability and wiggle room with activists who definitely want to see child surgeries.

The original statement (emphasis added): “We continue to support gender-affirming care for minors like mental health care and respect the role of parents, families, and doctors in these decisions.”

The updated statement (emphasis added): “We continue to support gender-affirming care for minors, which represents a continuum of care, and respect for the role of parents, families, and doctors in these decisions.”

Would that “continuum” of care include removing the breasts of healthy minor girls?

Jennifer Block shows us the emails from HRC taking pride in their successful push to get the White House to change its statement in mere hours:

“Pressure is working. This would not have happened without all of us.”


Almost half of U.S. states have banned most or all medical interventions for so-called “trans kids”. It’s the conservative states protecting children while liberal states like Vermont and Minnesota create themselves as “sanctuary states” for “trans kids” and facilitate their medical abuse.

When did protecting children from mutilation become a partisan affair?

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