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Italy has a stereotype of approaching everything with passion, which includes politics.

A fight broke out in the Italian Parliament over a disagreement on plans that would grant certain regions more autonomy.

By watching that video alone we can conclude the biggest difference between Congress and the Italian parliament: Italians are not run by a bunch of geriatrics. Can you imagine what would have happened to our representatives if something like that happened? It would not be good….

According to CBS:

A fight in the Italian Parliament over the far-right government’s plans to grant regions more autonomy has triggered an uproar, with some comparing the punch-up to the days of fascism.

The fight broke out Wednesday evening when Five Star Movement deputy Leonardo Donno unfurled an Italian flag in front of regional affairs minister Roberto Calderoli of the pro-autonomy Northern League and closed in on him.

Donno’s stunt was intended to denounce plans to grant more autonomy from Rome to those regions that want it. Critics argue that it undermines Italy’s unity.

It makes sense that leftists don’t want more regional autonomy, as these people don’t tend to give up the power they have. And it also probably means less funding control over their tax dollars, which is another thing liberals don’t like to give up.

In response, Calderoli’s fellow League deputies left their benches en masse to mob Donno, and the incident descended into a free-for-all involving some 20 men.

Donno, injured in the scuffles, had to be evacuated in a wheelchair before being sent to a hospital.

LOL. He technically started the fight and then got wheeled out. But of course, the media is blaming Italian Conservatives to the point that they are basically calling them Mussolini’s blackshirts.

Typical liberal move, go and start drama and point the finger while they cry victim. Same sh*t, different country.

“The squadrist right is fighting in parliament,” the newspaper La Repubblica lamented, using a term for the post-World War I paramilitary forces that went on to become fascist leader Benito Mussolini’s infamous Blackshirts.

That makes no sense because Mussolini would definitely not want more regional control. Do people actually believe that crap? But I guess it’s no different than the American media calling Conservatives fascists.

Lawmakers from the League and the Brothers of Italy, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party, accused Donno of provoking the incident and even faking his injuries.

That seems like a more plausible explanation for this mess.

But at least it was the Italian flag and not the Palestinian one.

Interesting how similar Western countries are sometimes.

This is the closest America has gotten to something like this.

Out of all people, Bernie Sanders was the voice of reason in that one.

We can only hope that one day we will be represented by people who care about America as much as Italians care about Italy, but as of writing this, that is not the case.

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