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Remember Maddi? She went viral after she went on a date with a guy who paid for everything and she made a video to talk about how baffled she was. A couple of months later, she made another view talking about her daddy issues, which could explain why she made the first video. She has now made another video about her views on abortion and it’s not only her worst one yet, but it’s more evil than you think.

There are bad parents out there, so much so that some kids would be better off being raised by other people. However, nowhere in that conversation did anyone say it would be better to unalive the kids because they had crappy parents. Well, no one said that until now.

First things first, why does she have to eat in every video? It seems as if no one told her that it’s rude to talk with food in your mouth, but that’s not the point right now.

The point is that she made a video to say she is not “pro-choice,” she is pro-abortion. She thinks that it’s better to kill innocent children if she deems the parents unfit. That’s how evil she is. She also implied that some people would make such bad parents that there should be forced abortions.

Her mind is so deranged. Her first thought when hearing someone is pregnant is ‘Why?’ She really forgot that some people want to have kids, as she was astonished as to why her friend wouldn’t terminate a pregnancy in California.

She also previously made a video deeming her father unfit but stopped short of claiming she should have been aborted.

Weird how all the proponents for abortion are alive….

The most unsettling part about this video is that she implies that kids are better off dead than having bad parents with the biggest smile on her face. It’s so evil.

But it’s not just her, she represents the leftist mindset that glorifies abortion and despises accountability. But no matter how bad some parents are, these kids still have a right to life, and it’s unfathomable some would argue otherwise.

Crowder Debates Two Woke Abortion Extremists!www.youtube.com