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When Peter Buttigieg is not on maternity leave he is on CNN bashing Christians and praising the most demonic sin, otherwise known as pride.

Progressives often have irrational fears of inanimate objects, which include flags. And if someone even thinks about flying a flag unrelated to sexual preferences, the left goes insane.

Lately, progressives have been crying over Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Alito, flying flags they disapprove of. Unclear if the people upset over this have anything better to do, but here we are, talking about nothing as if it’s something.

Buttigieg is one of the most useless and naive politicians to have ever walked this earth. Not only does he talk about things he is incredibly ignorant of, but he thinks he sounds really smart doing it.

Of course, he went on CNN to bash all things Christians and praise all things prideful.

According to The Post Millenial:

On Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, when talking about a recording of Supreme Cout Justice Samuel Alito’s wife wanting to fly a “Sacred Heart of Jesus flag,” that the pride flag is about “love and acceptance” while the other flag representing Christ is about “insurrectionist symbology.”

The pride flag is not about love and acceptance, especially considering it excludes most people. These people are so deranged it’s infuriating. Of course, they go and take a flag that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM and try to make it a personal attack against them. If the attention is not on them for five seconds they have to go and cry victim to make themselves the least bit relevant. That is BEYOND narcissism, as when they say “love” they mean with themselves.

Also, how on earth can this be connected to Jan. 6?!? That’s not how logic works, my goodness these people are so stupid.

The comments from Buttigieg came during an appearance on CNN where he was addressing a secret recording of the justice’s wife speaking to left-wing activist Lauren Windsor at a dinner. Martha-Ann Alito told Windsor, who took the recording, that she wanted to fly a “Sacred Heart of Jesus flag” in response to a pride flag.

“I also hope that most Americans can understand the difference between a flag that symbolizes love and acceptance and signals to people who have sometimes feared for their safety that they’re going to be okay and insurrectionist symbology,” Buttigieg said.

What a moron. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

Pride is the most demonic and worst of all the sins. And here he is demanding we glorify self-devotion in contempt of God.

F—k him!

And the thing is, these people are prideful over their preferences, they are that deranged. They don’t even talk about their accomplishments if they even have them. They literally celebrate their feelings.

When Buttigieg claims pride is love, he means with himself. These people can’t have a month-long parade and claim they fear for their safety. People don’t just have a parade when they are scared for their lives.

They express themselves in some of the most deranged ways and have the nerve to claim they are under attack by Christians. Get real.

Buttigieg is extremely prideful, so much so that he believes he knows better than God. But he doesn’t, as he is focused on himself with his demands we glorify his deranged thoughts.

Any chance he is going to speak out against the Muslim view on marriage? No? Didn’t think so.

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