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“No one is above the law!” trumpet the progressive Democrat fanboys in the wake of the Donald Trump sham conviction in New York for alleged crimes on paper.  Joe Biden literally tweeted those exact words.

Nobody is above the law except thoroughly corrupt, senile, and decrepit Joe Biden, who took classified documents when he was a senator and vice president when he had absolutely no authority to do so.  Biden either directed or allowed his despicable son Hunter to accept millions of dollars in bribes from corrupt foreign oligarchs and even our nation’s enemies.

Despite the real crimes Biden has committed, special prosecutor Robert Hur declined to file any charges, determining that our current president has the mental acuity of a Roomba and wouldn’t be convicted by a fair and impartial jury.

Okay.  But what about a jury of New Yorkers?

Oh, yeah…the only thing that mattered to them in that joke of a trial was the last name of the defendant: Trump.  Lavrentiy Beria would have been proud of them all…“show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime,” indeed.  But what could we expect in a district that voted 94 percent for Biden in 2020?

Judge Juan Merchan committed enough reversible errors to virtually guarantee that the convictions will eventually be overturned by a more sane and reasonable court still willing to follow the Constitution, but when the defendant’s last name is Trump, don’t count on it.

Calling the trial Merchan presided over a “kangaroo court” is an insult to kangaroos.  Allowing the salacious testimony of Stephanie Clifford, AKA “Stormy Daniels,” provides a recent precedent for reversal: Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 rape conviction.  Clifford’s testimony had nothing to do with the charges in Trump’s case and served no purpose other than to publicly embarrass the defendant.

Merchan’s daughter raises millions of dollars for prominent Democrats and he even donated money to Joe Biden’s campaign, but the judge refused to recuse himself.  The two “star” witnesses for the prosecution admitted to extortion and larceny, but Trump is convicted of 34 counts of the same “crime,” a ledger entry he never made that the prosecution insisted was illegal.

Trump wasn’t charged with a crime for paying off a porn star to buy her silence.  He was charged with a crime for claiming that it was a legal expense (which it was) made as an illegal campaign contribution.  The jury was offered three potential crimes (state election violation, federal election violation, or tax violation) and allowed to choose one of the three.  If all twelve jurors agreed that at least one of the three potential crimes had been committed, it didn’t have to be unanimous.  How fair is that?

That apparently doesn’t matter, either.  The goal has been accomplished.  From now until Election Day, Democrats can chant the mantra that Trump is a convicted felon, the first former president in U.S. history to be convicted of a crime.

It gave the AP the excuse to produce this excrement:

Even so, the verdict is likely to give President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats space to sharpen arguments that Trump is unfit for office, though the White House offered only a muted statement that it respected the rule of law. Conversely, the decision will provide fodder for the presumptive Republican nominee to advance his unsupported claims that he is victimized by a criminal justice system he insists is politically motivated against him.

It apparently took five alleged journalists from the AP to construct that absurd sentence.  Correction: That garbage article took fifteen AP hacks in total to write.  The five primary “contributors” needed help from ten others to write only seventeen hundred words.  Are these people grossly overpaid by the word?

What are they blithering about, saying Trump’s claims that he’s being victimized by a politically corrupt criminal justice system are unsupported?  Did any of these five intrepid reporters actually look at a transcript of the trial?  It got so bad that even CNN was calling the entire trial a weak joke prior to the verdict.

Don’t think the trial was politically motivated?  Then why did Matthew Colangelo resign from his position as the third highest-ranking official in Biden’s Justice Department to take a job working for Alvin Bragg?  It isn’t a coincidence that less than four months after Colangelo joined Bragg’s office, Trump was indicted on 34 counts of the same BS crime.

Yeah, no one is above the law.  But the real question is, is Trump beneath it?

The facts indicate that the trial was grotesquely unfair.  Practically every prosecutorial objection was sustained.  Virtually every defense objection was overruled.  Extremely qualified witnesses were not allowed to testify.  Witnesses who should never have been allowed to testify were given free rein to smear and malign the defendant.  Stormy Daniels was allowed to get on the stand and claim Trump had virtually raped her after repeatedly swearing under oath that they had never had sex and extorting a big chunk of money from Trump, who allegedly was trying to protect his wife from the sordid accusations, not cheat to win an election.

Speaking of cheating to win that same election, Hillary Clinton committed the crime of paying her lawyers (and claiming that the expenses were legal fees) to commission the infamous Steele dossier, which was clearly election interference and far worse than paying a porn star for her silence.  Yet Hillary only had to pay a fine.  Don’t even bother trying to convince me that that’s equal treatment under the law.

Michael Cohen was allowed to take the stand and admit he’d stolen 30 thousand dollars from Trump, but Trump is the one currently being threatened with one year in prison (at least in rumors coming from The View.)

Sure, the conviction will almost certainly be overturned on appeal, but the ultimate goal has never been to put Trump in jail.  The whole point of this sordid and shameful exercise was to tarnish Trump in the months prior to the election with a new campaign slogan: Trump is a convicted felon.  The headlines from the AP, Reuters, CNN, ABC, and virtually every other major media outlet all describe Trump as a convicted felon (because technically, he is).  It won’t last, but it was never meant to last much longer than this November.

Only long enough to affect the upcoming election.

Alex Soros couldn’t be more obvious, going on the record to say, “Democrats should refer to Donald Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity.”  His daddy helped fund Alvin Bragg’s job, so it makes sense that Bragg would do Soros’s bidding no matter how ridiculous he will look after losing the appeal.  But their focus is on winning the election. Nothing else matters to them.

The very good news is, the strategy seems to be backfiring, big time.  Trump raised more money in one day than Joe Biden raised in the entire month, and many NeverTrumps are saying the Democrats jumped the shark.  Trump’s approval rating improved by six points.

Trump-supporters are responding to the “convicted felon” charges with “I’m voting for the outlaw” or “I’m voting for the candidate declared mentally competent to stand trial.”  Brutal, and true.

In 2020, Trump received more votes than any president in history, even surpassing the totals from his 2016 victory, and yet somehow, some way, Joe Biden managed to magically collect more votes than any candidate for president ever.

Was that election rigged?  I honestly believe so. Was the Trump “hush money” trial rigged?  I’m certain of it, because I followed the trial.

I hope every time the Democrats call Trump a convicted felon, his poll numbers go up, the crowds at his campaign rally get bigger, and more donations pour in to help pay for his victory in November.  Let’s make the margin of victory so large that even cheating won’t make any difference.

John Leonard is a freelance writer.  He blogs at southernprose.com.  His nonfiction books and novels can be found at LeonardBooks.net.

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