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Folks, here’s one of the great truths of the world that pretty much nobody needed to be told about until recently:

If you pump your body full of synthetic hormones that it wasn’t designed to handle for the sake of your cultish beliefs, the results will be very, very bad:

Transgender men [AKA women] suffer from ‘postmenopausal bladder and bowel symptoms because of taking testosterone, a study has found.

Researchers found that of the 68 transgender men who participated in the study, 95 per cent developed pelvic floor dysfunction after taking the hormone to transition from female to male, the Telegraph reports.

The study identified bladder and bowel problems like incontinence in the participants as young as 18 and with an average age of 28. Doctors would usually expect such symptoms in a ‘postmenopausal’ woman.

Give a young woman testosterone and her body will quite literally start to fall apart.

The study, published in April in the International Urogynecology Journal, set out to determine if pelvic floor dysfunction “might be prevalent among [women] undergoing [testosterone infusions].”

And boy did they determine that — and a lot more. From the Telegraph:

Around 87 per cent of the participants had urinary symptoms such as incontinence, frequent toilet visits and bed-wetting, while 74 per cent had bowel issues including constipation or being unable to hold stools or wind in. Some 53 per cent suffered from sexual dysfunction.

Of the 68 women, there were also “anorectal symptoms (45.6%), and flatal incontinence (39.7%).” Women with urinary tract symptoms “reported moderate severity of the condition.”

Body’s falling apart. Sexual dysfunction. Private parts that are painful and embarrassing.

And it’s likely we’re not even seeing the worst effects of pumping women full of a hormone their body can’t deal with:

Testosterone can potentially accelerate the menopause by stopping the ovaries from functioning. The ovaries produce oestrogen, which can help the prevention of health conditions like dementia, osteoporosis and coronary heart disease.

This is just one of numerous recent studies to demonstrate the dangerous lies of transgender ideology:

Real talk: Regulators and authorities need to step in and end this experimental butchery on young people before it goes any further.

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