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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Former President Trump made a surprise appearance at the Libertarian Party Convention yesterday, but was met with a chorus of boos after the dozens of libertarians present realized Trump was wearing deodorant.

“Boo! He smells good! Boo!” screamed Libertarian Party member Johnna Lundqvist. “It’s very pleasant smelling, and I don’t like it! Boooo!”

According to sources, Trump’s speech got off to a rocky start when he mentioned the revolutionary concept of winning elections. “Winning elections? Boo!!” yelled libertarian Donald McAdoo along with tens of others. “Look, look, he’s wearing a suit! His hair looks well-kept! Boooo!!!”

As Trump continued his speech undaunted, somewhere over the mixture of marijuana and body odor, the libertarians began to catch a new smell in their nostrils. “Hey, that doesn’t smell like weed,” said McAdoo. “That smells almost… refreshing, like cleanliness and lavender. Wait, is Trump wearing deodorant??? Boo!!!”

At publishing time, the libertarians had again booed Trump after discovering that he was wearing close-toed shows.

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