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HOLLYWOOD, CA — Streaming service Peacock announced the release this week of a documentary that proves eating your own offspring is completely fine for humans because a few other animal species do it.

“We just want to show how normal and natural it is to consume your own progeny,” Peacock Producer Anna Grazer told the press. “Something like seven animal species on earth murder and eat their own kids, so humans shouldn’t feel ashamed if they have a preference towards the same.”

Peacock producers have hyped the documentary as being completely revolutionary for human understanding of what behaviors are acceptable. “Obviously, anything done by any creature in the animal kingdom is fine for humans to do,” said producer Regina Tinsley. “We think viewers will be really, really shocked what is now appropriate behavior for human beings. If you feel compelled to hurl yourself off a cliff to your own death, that’s a very healthy and normal impulse because we once saw a lemming do it. Same with gang-rape because of penguins, or beating children to death with head blows because of primates. It’s really amazing what is normal and life-giving, from torture to mass murder!”

The documentary makers hope that showing a hamster mom eat her babies will help people who are “Baby-eating-attracted” to realize just how normal their inclinations are. “Once you see a bear behead its own cub, you’ll know these are good and healthy desires,” said Tinsley. “Chow down to your heart’s content.”

As of publishing time, Peacock had announced another new series highlighting animals who eat their own poop to help normalize people eating feces.

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