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According to a Mediaite report, the White House was forced to issue NINE corrections following President Biden’s speech to the NAACP on Sunday, including his “irrectionists” gaffe.

The official transcript released by the White House has nine strikethroughs and corrections.

The White House corrected mispronounced words as well as incorrect facts.

From Mediaite:

Biden made his first mistake at the very beginning of the speech, when he told a story about former President Barack Obama dispatching him to Detroit during the “pandemic.” However, Biden went to the Motor City to meet with representatives from an auto industry hit hard by the recession. In the transcript, the White House crossed out “pandemic” and corrected it with “recession.”

Mere moments later, Biden told the NAACP he was “humbled to receive this organization.” In the transcript, the White House crossed out “organization” and corrected it with “award.”

The comical line, “We’re cracking down on corporate landlords who keep rents down,” was changed to, “We’re cracking down on corporate landlords to keep rents down,” while another unfortunate sentence describing those who took part in the Capitol riots as “irrectionists” was corrected to “insurrectionists.”

One moment where Biden incorrectly quoted former President Donald Trump as saying there would be “bloodshed” if he loses in November was corrected to “bloodbath,” as was a moment where Biden mistakenly claimed to have saved millions of families “$800,000” per year in premiums.

While Biden corrected his “$800,000” mistake during the speech, he replaced it with “$8,000 a year in premiums,” which was also incorrect. In the transcript, the White House replaced it for a second time to the correct number: $800.

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