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A pair of graphs are going viral on social media showing vast disparities in household wealth during former President Donald Trump’s term and that of President Joe Biden when inflation is factored in.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal released illustrations in a report that analyzed household net worth—calculated as stocks, bonds, cash, and property minus debts—during the first three years of Trump’s administration compared to the first three years of Biden’s tenure.

Drawing on data from the Federal Reserve, including seasonally adjusted figures for the Biden years, the newspaper reported that total household net worth increased by 23% during the first three years of Trump’s presidency and 19% during the first three years of Biden’s term.

When adjusted for inflation, The Wall Street Journal reported that net worth rose 16% during Trump’s first three years in office and just 0.7% during Biden’s first three years.

Graphs illustrating data on household wealth, which adjusted for inflation to show the Trump years line higher than the Biden years line, were posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday by the Republican National Committee and other accounts.

“This is the difference between the Trump and Biden presidencies — inflation has destroyed everything, we all have less than we did before Biden entered office,” said OutKick founder Clay Travis, who shared and commented on the Journal’s graph and findings over the weekend.

Scott Jennings, a CNN political commentator, added, “As Biden camp gropes for answers, this is all you need to know … about the president’s struggles with every demographic.” Meanwhile, Journalist and podcast host Saagar Enjeti simply declared, “My goodness.”

Inflation has fallen from its peak of 9.1 percent in June 2022 amid shortages of goods thanks to the COVID lockdowns and a pair of monster Democratic spending bills many economists say lit a fire under price increases.

But in April, according to federal stats, inflation still was at 3.4 percent, leading the Federal Reserve to announce it would not be reducing what have become historically high interest rates anytime soon.

Last month, a Gallup poll revealed that Americans identified inflation or the high cost of living as the most significant financial issue facing their families. Forty-one percent of respondents chose inflation or the high cost of living in response to the open-ended question, marking the highest percentage recorded in Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance poll, the Daily Wire reported.

With less than six months to go before the November election, both Biden and Trump are actively campaigning for a second term in the White House. In response to the Wall Street Journal graphs, the “Team Trump” account on X (formerly Twitter) posted, “BETTER OFF WITH TRUMP.”

There is another major issue that is bedeviling Americans: mass illegal immigration.

When Trump launched his first presidential campaign in 2015, he was adamant about curbing illegal immigration and made that a cornerstone of his ultimately successful campaign. He noted in 2020 that he managed to fulfill his promise by pointing out that, under his policies, illegal immigration had fallen to record lows.

But after Trump lost, President Joe Biden, on his first day in office, reversed nearly all of Trump’s highly effective immigration and border security policies, which Republicans — and a growing number of Democrats — say were responsible for creating the current chaotic situation along the southwest border, and why the issue of illegal immigration has skyrocketed to the top of the list of concerns of a majority of Americans this election cycle after nearly 8 million people have entered the U.S. over the past three years.

“Significantly more Americans name immigration as the most important problem facing the U.S. (28%) than did a month ago (20%). Immigration has now passed the government as the most often cited problem, after the two issues tied for the top position the past two months. The government ranked first each month from January through November 2023,” the Gallup polling firm noted in a report published in mid-February.

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