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President Joe Biden received great news this week when he learned that former President Donald Trump will not only debate him on his terms, but the pair will also face off on the Democrat’s turf: under the watchful eyes of two of CNN’s most devious anchors.

There’s no doubt that Dana Bash is a Democrat agenda-beholden beast, but the real game-changer for Biden’s first debate survival strategy is Jake Tapper, the infamous Russia collusion hoaxer who devoted more than two decades on television to defending Democrats and smearing Republicans.

It’s no secret that the presidential debate system implicitly favors Democrats, in large part because the corporate media mouthpieces in charge of driving the televised conversation do everything they can to give their preferred candidate a leg up. In 2016, an analyst from Tapper’s network leaked debate questions to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Chris Wallace, who was at Fox News at the time, failed to carry out his moderator duties in the first 2020 debate when he constantly interrupted Trump and refused to ask anything but slanted questions.

Despite previously working for Joe Biden and openly criticizing Trump, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully was slated to host the debate until he blew it by using his public Twitter feed to solicit advice from anti-Trumper Anthony Scaramucci on how to “respond” to Trump.

Kristen Welker, who for years perpetuated anti-Trump smears and coverage at NBC News, used her power as 2020 debate moderator to steer stage conversation away from evidence of Biden family corruption.

Tapper has a long track record as a partisan hack for the Democrat party, and that makes him the perfect candidate to join his moderator predecessor’s ranks in helping Biden survive the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle.

The former Hooter’s spokesman and gun control activist whose wife worked for Planned Parenthood spent years helping Clinton’s campaign sell the lie that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. His name is bylined on the first corporate media report asserting that Trump faced “claims of Russian efforts to compromise him” uncovered by U.S. intelligence officials. A couple of years later, Tapper accused Trump of acting like a “spokesman for the Kremlin.”

Tapper didn’t merely treat Trump’s presidency with contempt and unfairness. He repeatedly wondered if Trump’s tenure in the White House was illegitimate.

Tapper also worked alongside other corporate media mouthpieces to advance hoaxes, like pretending Christine Blasey Ford’s unsubstantiated rape allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh were anything but baseless.

When the 2020 election cycle rolled around, Tapper tried to memory-hole his years of election meddling and questioning by shifting the blame to Republicans who dared to notice that the mail-in ballot schemes plaguing swing states should not go unscrutinized.

“Unhinged lies born from Donald Trump’s grievance that he lost and his refusal to accept reality … this anti-democracy insanity — it has already infiltrated the same halls of Capitol Hill where the rioters once stood … all of this leaves you, the voter, in sort of an impossible position,” Tapper insisted during his short-lived prime-time stint.

Tapper consistently aligned himself with Covid tyrants, Big Tech censors, and the corrupt Biden family business.

“There’s no evidence that Hunter Biden has done anything wrong,” Tapper insisted.

Later, Tapper extended his claims of innocence to cover the president.

“There is no evidence that anybody did anything illegal regarding the Bidens and Ukraine, and Joe Biden was carrying out US policy,” he said.

The June debate may have been organized independently of the Commission on Presidential Debates, but Tapper’s involvement as moderator ensures that it won’t be free of the partisanship that’s plagued the stage in recent years.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire, Fox News, and RealClearPolitics. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordanboydtx.