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Overall, the left is a miserable group of degenerates who dedicate their lives to becoming more miserable. This is not an opinion. There is scientific evidence to back it up. One of the most recent studies has confirmed that wokeness is correlated with “anxiety, depression, and a lack of happiness.”

Fact check: True.

But it doesn’t take a study to prove this because it’s blatantly obvious.

There are many reasons why this is factually correct.

Firstly, the left is a literal death cult. Whether they spend their days fearing a climate apocalypse or fighting for the right to kill children, everything that fuels their ideology is based on alarmist, dystopian views that lead to death. That’s probably because the end goal of leftists is total totalitarianism and the only way they can do that is through fear-mongering, but I digress.

Secondly, they advocate for destroying anything that brings happiness, stability, and meaning into people’s lives. They hate families because it’s the bedrock of society. They hate the church because any sense of community that proclaims the goodness of God is a bad thing to them. And on top of all that, they redefine words to destroy free thought and manipulate ideas.

Thirdly, they take a lot of pride in being objectively ugly. And when you look good you feel good, and these people don’t look good.

Fourthly, they literally think the sun is going to explode tomorrow.

And most significantly, they glorify mental illness.

What do these people expect when they start validating and affirming all feelings as if they are part of their identity?

On top of that, they engage in mob-like behavior where they try and “cancel” people not beholden to their ideology. This is no surprise because misery loves company.

As previously mentioned, the left is a literal death cult and you couldn’t possibly find a more miserable group of individuals.

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