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The employment market can be tough these days, particularly for Gen Z job seekers. Some may point to the unreasonable requirements young people are looking for in a job, but are their demands that outrageous?

The Babylon Bee did some digging to find out the most common things Gen Z-ers want in a job:

  1. A reasonable 5-hour work week: Is that really so crazy? You can’t really expect more from a person.
  2. Basic amenities like rooftop cornhole and wine on tap: These are fundamental human rights.
  3. Being required to go to work at your workplace is a total dealbreaker: Expecting someone to leave their couch to go to work is so 2019.
  4. Paid leave every time they change genders: Extra time for the switch to xe/xer.
  5. Shrek playing on a loop in the break room: It helps create a safe space to enjoy their avocado toast at lunch.
  6. Like, just a chill vibe, or whatever: That indescribable flow. You know?
  7. Monthly promotions: And an expectation to be making at least $200K after six months.
  8. Health insurance for their pets: How else will they be able to pay for Katniss’ hip replacement surgery? Have a heart!
  9. An hour of recess in the mornings and afternoons: Kickball is a must-have for any job.
  10. The following months off:
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month
  • April: Black Women’s History Month
  • June: Pride Month
  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: Bullying Prevention Month
  • November: Native American History Month
  • December: AIDS Awareness Month

If you know of any positions that check all the boxes above, head to your nearest coffee shop and tell everyone about it!

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