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Dove used their Super Bowl spot to speak out in defense of girls’ sports. Especially on the high school and college level, girls’ sports and the unfairness of allowing girls who went through puberty as boys to compete in them has become a divisive issue in America. The rub is Dove didn’t mention that at all, and made it a body image issue.

Not even a body image issue of girls having to change in front of boys in the girl’s locker room. That would have required courage. Least amused by Dove’s latest attempt at signalling their virtue is women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines.

The company knew what they were doing choosing a swimming competition. Swimming was the sport that turned the issue into a national debate. MID male swimmer Will Thomas decided he was going to be Lia Thomas, and then SHE went on to become a girls’ NCAA champion. Critics claim Lia and others like him/her have an unfair advantage being born dudes and going through puberty as dudes with all the physical advantages of being dudes. Defenders will say a noun and a verb and derpity derp YOU’RE A TRANSPHOBE.

To prove Dove’s lack of sincerity in protecting girls’ sports, an old 2021 tweet resurfaced where they celebrated the glass ceiling shattering Laurel Hubbard.

Laurel was a MID male powerlifter named Gavin Hubbard. Then Gavin decided he was Laurel, and Laurel shattered the glass ceiling by becoming the first trans athlete to compete at the Olympics. She then shattered another glass ceiling becoming the first trans athlete to CHOKE at the Olympics. It led to an awkward press conference with the three women who a) were born that way and b) won.

Dove is no stranger to woke virtue signaling. Last year, they partnered in a “fat liberation” campaign with a Black Lives Matter Activist accused of wrecking a white female student’s life by accusing her of making threatening remarks, even though the activist later admitted she may have never heard the remarks at all.

There are those who believe in fairness and reality, and others who feel girls should calm down and lose gracefully. Then there are dudes attempting to game the system without going through the trouble of being ladies — bragging about their distracting penises, and crushing a girl’s jaw with a field hockey ball to the face — since progressives have made it easy for them to do so.

Dove could have had the courage to speak out about any of that. Maybe next year.


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