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Lee Fang has made a previously unannounced appearance as chronicler of the Twitter Files. He posted part 8 here yesterday. Who is Lee Fang and what is he doing here? This is the beginning of Fang’s thread with the subject heading and topic sentence.

Old Twitter made itself a secret collaborator with the government in more ways than one. Fang adds the CENTCOM/military dimension. That is what I get out of Fang’s thread. He also reports his findings in conventional style for The Intercept in this column. Fang concludes his thread with the tweets below.

I may be missing something, but I would note that at least this operation was not aimed at citizens of the United States, undermined enemies of the United States, did not suppress the speech of disfavored participants to serve partisan interests, and had no bearing on our elections. Fang himself does not draw such distinctions, but they seem basic to me given what we have seen so far.