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From America’s Premier Editorial Cartoonist

The New World —Michael

America’s First Socialist Republic —Scott Johnson, Power Line

It’s been about a year since we started publishing on Substack, so this Thanksgiving, we’d like to thank our readers, and especially our wonderful paid subscribers, who are responsible for keeping the lights on. 

A long time ago, my father pointed out an editorial cartoon in our local paper. “That Ramirez is good,” he said. 

I agreed, and from that moment on, I was alert to Michael Ramirez cartoons on the editorial pages of newspapers.  After more years than I care to count, a happy meeting set me on a path to become his personal manager, to create and edit his website, michaelpramirez.com, and begin our newsletter service and Substack presence in the wake of diminishing print media (along with social media censorship). 

Since 2015, I’ve known that Michael is perhaps the hardest-working artist in the industry.  He never takes anything like a real vacation and devotes most of his waking hours researching, planning, sketching, and completing elegant and beautiful artwork that challenges assumptions and compels discussion. We look forward to further developing this newsletter and hope you’ll share the journey.

With the gradual demise of traditional print media, we’re also grateful for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, where Michael is the principal editorial cartoonist.

So, Happy Thanksgiving! Michael will be back with a new cartoon on Sunday.

Christmas is just around the corner…

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