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As those in the reality-based community know, we live in dark times. But if we cannot acknowledge the good that is in our lives, then what are we fighting for? Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch as he explores the whys and hows of giving thanks and cultivating a spirit of gratitude.

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Gratitude is positively related to increased subjective well-being

Robert Emmons: Benefits of Gratitude

Thanks! How the new science of gratitude can make you happier by Robert Emmons

2008 study: “Gratitude predicted greater subjective sleep quality and sleep duration, and less sleep latency and daytime dysfunction.”

2015 study: benefits of gratitude for heart failure patients
2016 study: relationship between gratitude intervention and reduced blood pressure

2017 study: relationship between gratitude and hemoglobin A1c

Is Gratitude Good for Your Health?

Stuff To Blow Your Mind podcast – From the Vault: Thankful: The Science of Gratitude

Ben Franklin Grand-Mason

Ben Franklin Hellfire Club

Ben Franklin skeletons in his basement


Gratitude Letter.

Research on gratitude by Sonja Lyubomirsky

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