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Either Nancy Pelosi’s husband is a psychic OR he’s getting some inside intel.

The REAL Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort breaks it down with Tomi Lahren.

“This is not about the free market. It’s about, you know, insider trading. It’s about about having information about outcomes of, you know, future rules that the regular person just simply doesn’t have,” Belfort told Tomi. “[Paul Pelosi] has information that is not public yet. So, you know, it’s very hard to prove.”

Belfort said it isn’t just Nancy Pelosi, though.

“I’m sure it’s other people besides her, too. She’s just a shining white light on it right now,” he said. “[There are] many people breaking the laws I was breaking. Well, you break them in such a big way, in a public way, well, guess what? You pay the price for it, right? So I think there needs to be some, you know, some framework in place that stops this from happening. With Nancy Pelosi and others like her.”

Belfort said if you go back and look at the stock trades that Paul Pelosi has made, they’ve “been uncannily accurate.”

“Like he’s basically a lot smarter than Warren Buffett for some reason,” Belfort said. “So, you know, you tell me, what do you think is going on?”

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