Joe Biden today vowed that the DOJ would take appropriate action against officers if the evidence reveals potential violations of federal criminal statutes.

Biden’s remarks came during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio where he spoke to Ohio iron workers to highlight federal action to shore up troubled pension funding for millions now on the job or retired and to make his political case that he’s been a champion of workers in the early going of his presidency.

A clip of Biden’s remarks was shared by Breaking911.

“I just want to make one serious comment on the shooting and death of Jayland Walker.”

“The Justice Department and Civil Rights division of the FBI Field Office in Akron, Ohio are closely monitoring and viewing what happened.”

“The FBI continues to coordinate with state and local partners to provide resources and specialized skill.”

“If the evidence reveals potential violations of federal criminal statutes, the Justice Department will take the appropriate action.”

The Congressional (Democrat) Black Caucus also weighed in on the situation, where Walker was shot nearly 60 times and killed by officers after the evidence shows he had fired at them while leading them on a car chase.

Officers attempted to deploy stun guns, but to no avail and Walker ultimately was unarmed when the officers shot him, although a gun was recovered in the car and he had turned around to face them without announcing that he was giving himself up despite their best efforts to convince him to do so.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty (D-OH) said in a statement, “From every account, he was a family man loved by many. He should still be alive today. The body camera footage is gut-wrenching and leaves us with far more questions than answers.”

“Far too many black people in America are killed at the hands of police during alleged traffic violations, and we cannot remain silent. This is not an acceptable outcome, and we can no longer afford to be merely outraged and heartbroken,” Beatty claimed.

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