If you want to keep up with the news about Ilhan Omar, the Daily Mail has been a good place to turn over the past several years. Minneapolis’s Star Tribune — not so much.

Today the Daily Mail’s US homepage features the story we reported yesterday morning: “‘Get the f*** out of here’: Squad member Ilhan Omar is booed by 10,000-strong Somali music festival crowd in her OWN district – days after she suggested Minnesota is worse than a refugee camp.” For some reason or other, the Star Tribune hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

One of my Somali friends happened to be in a good position to update the story. My friend has forwarded the photo below snapped at MSP airport last night. It captures Omar leaving town with husband Tim Mynett for London. My friend comments: “She’s out of the USA for the 4th! She didn’t miss Pride or Somali week but for the 4th she’s gone.”

We are happy that Omar turned up at the Target Center concert Saturday night and gave the Somali crowd the opportunity to express their feelings about her. Omar, as they say, has left the building. Perhaps the Daily Mail can pick up her trail in London.