ESPN’s Elle Duncan gave an impassioned speech on Friday advocating for Dads to speak up so their daughters can have abortions in all 50 states:

Duncan dismissively referenced #GirlDad, saying that the hashtag is used by parents who play sports with their daughters or celebrate Father’s Day instead of being applied to “actual advocacy.”

She implored dads to bring that political advocacy into boardrooms and courtrooms to ensure that they are advancing the agenda that she believes in.

Duncan just a few months ago also promoted the idea of schools discussing gender identity with young children:

Just like Megan Rapinoe, Elle Duncan believes in women’s rights exclusively when it suits her purposes and desire to signal her virtuous intentions.

But, of course, she claims that any criticism of the hypocrisy involved or her shaming of #GirlDads is only due to “bad faith characters,” not sincere disagreement with her inaccuracies and political activism.

Duncan claims she doesn’t care that her advocacy might turn viewers off, but with ESPN’s recent run of remarkably poor ratings, maybe she should.