In a national survey conducted by Emerson College, former President Donald Trump seems to have the lead over Joe Biden if the pair were to go head to head in 2024.

Trump leads Biden 44 percent to 39 percent, with the other 12 percent saying they would vote for someone else.

In comparison to the same poll done in May, Trump has held the same percentage while Biden has fallen from 42 percent to 39 in only a month.

Biden has stated he intends to seek a second term as president. Kamala stated she would be his running mate in 2024 in a recent interview, she shortly walked back part of her statement adding that was if he ran.

Squad leader, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was asked if she would support Biden for a second term. AOC would not directly answer the question yes or no and when confronted by the host she shrugged it off.

Democrats seem to be having second thoughts on a second term for Joe Biden. With his approval rating in the toilet, it is easy to see why they may be looking for someone else.

If Trump decides to run polls seem to show he would have the support of the GOP. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to be the second choice for Republicans, having been the only other Republican to get double-digit support in hypothetical primary polling.

We are getting closer to November midterms and many people have speculated we will see a red wave. Many people start campaigning for the presidential election well the primaries which are about a year and a half away.

It is unclear who will throw their hat in the ring to run in 2024, will Biden face a primary challenger? We will see.

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