After barely getting Anderson Cooper 360 in the 25th slot in May, CNN was unable to land a show in the top 25 for June.

Fox News continued to dominate the ratings, placing 13 shows in the top 15, one less than last month, however, as MSNBC was able to land two this time.

Even the left-wing Daily Beast mocked CNN in an article titled, “Not Even a New Boss Can Stop CNN’s Ratings Freefall.”

“Since taking over the network, Chris Licht has instituted sweeping changes, but the network’s ratings have continued to suffer,” the publication noted.

Licht pledged to potential advertisers in mid-May that CNN would “seek to go a different way” during a time “where extremes are dominating cable news.”

That strategy would mean that CNN is trying to appeal more to the so-called independents that make up a voting block.

In the world of cable news, it would seem though, that demographic is less likely to watch or are shifting more right and therefore watching Fox News.

“The Five” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” were the no. 1 and 2 shows for the month, although viewership was down slightly from May.

In fact, viewership was down for all Fox News shows, while MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” gained viewership.

Nevertheless, Rachel Maddow’s show was only able to gain one spot, moving up from no. 8 to no. 7.

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