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The Supreme Court strikes down the NY gun law and affirms gun rights. —Michael

Thomas’s Moment — Steven Hayward, Power Line

The Greatest Living American Issues His Career-Defining Court Opinion Josh Hammer, Newsweek

Supreme Court overturns NY gun law, but it’s not legal gun owners that we have to fear —SI Live

****Report: King George Really Regretted Not Imposing Red Flag Laws On Deranged American Colonists. —Babylon Bee

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Wealthy Democrats Seem Happy With High Energy PricesGlenn Reynolds, NY Post

The Political Weaponization of the DOJ Under GarlandJohn Davidson, The Federalist

A Crucial Reminder of How NeverTrumpers Got It Wrong Rebecca Downs, Townhall

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There’s No Such Thing As Congestion. It’s Just Government.Walter Block, RCM