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In the woke world, it is necessary to constantly redefine the meaning of just about everything. Verso Books made the effort, referring to “women” (womnx, cis fems, menstruators, child bearers – whatever term you are familiar with) as “womb carriers” in a series of tweets about the plight of Native Americans, of a specific gender that must not be spoken.

Twitter users were not particularly receptive to the freshly coined term.

Even some feminists came out to denounce the word scramble.

It is unclear as to whether or not the patriarchy was to blame for the offending tweets from Verso. It is evident though that some women aren’t ready to be erased. There does appear to be some chaos in the intersectionalism of the woke. If one accommodates the trans community by disavowing biological females, do the feminists lose their claim to the whoas of being born female?

It is hard to feel included when being born female is reduced to being labeled by organs that have yet to be medically duplicated for anyone who wishes to call themselves women.  Let’s not even start with whether or not biological males can be pregnant.

Verso had the good sense to delete the womb carrier thread, but the laughs have been had.

At least one wokeism has been rejected, for the time being.  What will they try to redefine next?