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Joe Biden has officially become the most unpopular president in recent history.

Pretty sure we heard Jimmy Carter ‘whoo’ and ‘hoo’ing’ a little earlier today. Heck, Obama himself once said, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.’

Once again, Twitchy favorite Dr. Strangetweet has put together a brutal yet epic thread aimed at those who voted for Biden who keep saying they didn’t think he’d be THIS bad.

Yeah, we’re seeing a lot of buyer’s remorse …

Take a gander:

In that case, shut up.


Keep going.

More of a danger than holding Americans without charges for 18 months?


When do they start holding him accountable? Any day now.

Not a great visual … and yet, accurate.

Why not both?

We have learned to embrace the power of and.

All. Day. This.

We do indeed know.

Again, embrace the power of AND.

Biden has been a disaster … but hey, no mean tweets.



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