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President Joe Biden has repeatedly gone beyond his executive branch authority and pushed for more and more federal spending. Now Trish Regan is explaining what it all means on her podcast.


“It really amazes me the lengths to which politicians and other officials in Washington, D.C. will go to to in order to pass the buck, right?” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “This is actually a dangerous phenomenon when you think about it because the creep toward socialism starts here. The creep toward Venezuela-style socialism begins with Joe Biden, and we are seeing it echo throughout Washington, D.C.”

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Trish Regan pointed out the head of the Federal Reserve is now blaming Americans and their demand levels instead of the Fed printing massive amounts of money.

“Couple that with Joe Biden blaming big oil,” Trish added. “We have ourselves a bit of a problem, America, and it’s time that everybody wake up…”

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