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Hey! Listen up, white people!

You need to check your privilege! If you can’t say “black lives matter” then you better not get in the sun! Or if you do you should wear 125 SPF!

At least that’s what the woke folks are saying.

If youre a white person and can’t wait to get super tan and you can’t say “black lives matter,” and you’re not an ally, and you can’t stand for your black, brown, indigenous people of color friends and family then do everyone a favor and tanning is not for you.

Is this because it’s racist to make your skin darker… unless you’re an ally?

So being a “good person” gives you a license to tan, but if you are an evil non-woke white person then you can’t?

I’m having a tough time figuring out the logic here.

Call me crazy, but I think this is just a lady jealous of people who CAN actually tan and she’s taking it out on them by calling them racist.

Ultimatum: Soak up that vitamin D and enjoy your summer. I hear woke tears make good sunscreen if you need it, though!

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