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Today Joe Manchin confirmed that he will vote against Bully Biden’s gas tax holiday:

Earlier today Manchin told ABC News that he was leaning strongly against the proposal, explaining that it will blow a big hole right in the infrastructure budget they just passed. And 90 days from now, at the end of September, Manchin doesn’t think anyone will want to vote to put the gas tax back on a month before the election:

Manchin did say something I thought was interesting, that we would not see a sudden 18 cent drop in the price of gas: “People need to understand that 18 cents is not going to be straight across the board — it never has been that you’ll see in 18 cents exactly penny-for-penny come off of that price.”

Well then what’s the point? If we aren’t going to drop the price 18 cents then how will anyone even know that Biden and Congress did it, other than him saying it over and over like a senile parakeet?

The whole thing is a stupid idea anyway because, just like Biden wasting a million barrels of oil per day from the SPR, this won’t make any real difference. It’s just another talking point that he will use to make it seem like he’s doing something.

By the way, I’m sure there are plenty of RINOs who will help pass the gas tax holiday legislation, so Manchin’s no vote probably won’t matter.