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The Biden administration has worked a new twist in the Democrats’ mania for redistribution. However, this scheme is to be conducted in private. Attention is not to be paid. It is a big secret.

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine has been on the case for a while. In her New York Post column today she adds a dose of media criticism. A subhead in the column aptly describes the media as “Joe’s propaganda arm.” Her column is “The mainstream media’s lies on secret migrant flights.”

On the subject of redistribution, Devine has retweeted Luke Rosiak’s mapping of the secret flights (below). See Rosiak’s Daily Wire story on the flights here. Devine and Rosiak are doing the job “Joe’s propaganda arm” refuses to do.

Devine’s column also draws back to give us the (unbelievably grim) big picture. The tweet below offers one current view.