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Some fans of the ABC Daytime talk show “The View” want its moderator Whoopi Goldberg fired, or working less days, after a series of things she has done.

Earlier this month, Goldberg cursed as she was talking about parenting during a segment on the show and it got fans furious, The Sun reported.

“Sometimes you have to be an ass to be a parent,” the host said.

“Someone needs to start pushing back on Whoopi. I have a feeling someone will not let her interject one day which will cause Whoopi to go full-on nuts honestly. She has gotten exponentially worse this season so I hope next time contract negotiations are up it’s time to go, or work less days,” one fan said.

“… I have no idea what ABC thinks is happening here. They take several women, with no real credibility and let them mouth off day after day and they’re surprised that one day someone says something stupid?” another fan said.

“Completely agree about Whoopi. She shuts down any opinion she doesn’t agree with,” another said.

It is not the first time this year that some fans have called for Goldberg to be punished.

She was suspended after comments she made were seen as insensitive to Jewish people during the Holocaust, but she had more skeletons in her closet.

In an exclusive, The Daily Mail reported that Goldberg has a tenuous history with the Jewish community and even submitted a recipe to a cookbook that contained a derogatory reference to Jewish women.

Whoopi Goldberg’s suspension from The View this week is the pinnacle of a years-long habit of making off-color remarks about Jewish people that includes a recipe she wrote for a celebrity cookbook in the 1990s called ‘Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken’, DailyMail.com can reveal.

In 1993, Goldberg – whose real name is Caryn Johnson – submitted the recipe to Cooking in The Litchfield Hills, a charity cookbook comprised of recipes from the well-heeled residents of the leafy Connecticut suburb. 

DailyMail.com exclusively obtained a copy of the long-forgotten cookbook, where Whoopi’s recipe mocking Jewish-American women glaringly stands out amongst friendlier submissions like legend Diane Sawyer’s ‘roasted potato skins with scallion dip’, the late Eartha Kitt’s ‘summer zucchini soup with nasturtium blossoms’ and Oscar de la Renta’s ‘fresh pumpkin and crab soup’. 

“Send chauffeur to your favorite butcher shop for the chicken (save the brown paper bag). Have your cook 1) Melt equal parts oil and butter 3/4 deep in a skillet over moderate heat,” her recipe reads.

“2) Put flour, seasoned with remaining ingredients, into a brown paper bag. 3) Rinse chicken parts and place in bag.

“Then you tightly close top of bag (watch your nails) and shake 10 times,” it said.

“Hand bag to Cook, go dress for dinner. While you dress, have Cook preheat oven to 350 degrees and brown chicken slowly in skillet. When evenly browned, have Cook place chicken in dish in oven. Have Cook prepare rest of meal while you touch up your makeup.

“In about half an hour, voila! Dinner is served! You must be exhausted,” she said.

The Anti-Defamation League chastised her for the recipe.

“It’s a lousy recipe with insensitive and anti-Semitic ingredients.  Whoopi should know better,” the group said.

“She needs some sensitivity training, unfortunately. The good people who published it need some sensitivity training too,” they said.

Reports now indicate that Goldberg is furious with her suspension from “The View” and is considering quitting the show.

ABC News President Kim Godwin said that Goldberg would be suspended for “her wrong and hurtful comments” about the Holocaust, where she claimed the Holocaust was “not about race.”

“While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments,” Godwin said. “The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family, and communities.”

According to the New York Post, Goldberg is upset about her suspension and feels “humiliated.”

“She feels ABC executives mishandled this. She followed their playbook. She went on ‘The Late Show With Steven Colbert’ and then apologized again on ‘The View’ the next day,” a source reportedly told the Post. “Her ego has been hurt and she’s telling people she’s going to quit. Suspension from ‘The View’ is like getting suspended from Bravo. The bar is very low.”

One insider told Page Six that the controversy was not “just going to blow over.”

“ABC staffers and Disney Network execs are saying Whoopi went way too far. And board members are not happy with her apology and want a fuller retraction. The word is that Whoopi is in ‘deep s–t,’” the ABC insider said.  “Why does Whoopi seemingly get a pass when others don’t? Perhaps this time she won’t. Many at the network — including her fellow hosts — believe Whoopi is too controversial now for the show.”

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