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Mattel released a new line of Barbies as part of their Tribute Collection and one of those Barbies is not like the others…

Move over, Ken!

Barbie has a new bestie/on again/off again boo inspired by the transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox and they released the doll in honour of his 50th birthday.

Meaning, this Barbie is trans.

Looking at the doll I guess it’s the wide jaw, broad shoulders and muscular arms that makes it look trans โ€“ but they’re still being very generous, in my opinion.

Sure, this doll has long hair and is in a dress and you may be thinking, “Hey, isn’t feminine hairstyles and clothing just a social construct?” and the answer is no.

Don’t you see the irony here?

Gender is just a social construct, they yell! You don’t need to look like a typical woman to BE woman, they say.

We all know what’s hiding underneath Ken’s shorts (don’t lie, we’ve all wondered and checked out what Barbie dolls are packin’) but I’m gonna go ahead and end my search right here. I don’t know and don’t want to know what’s hiding under this Barbie’s ball-gown!

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