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Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, vented his rage after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell protested he didn’t know why Portnoy had been banned from NFL games.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Goodell, “Why do you ban Dave Portnoy from NFL games? He’s a journalist. In fact, he’s a sports journalist. Why is he banned?”

“Congressman, I’m not familiar with that issue,” Goodell replied.

“Really?” Jordan interjected.

“I’m happy to check with my staff but I’m unaware of that,” Goodell continued.


Barstool Sports was banned from NFL games after the group protested at NFL headquarters in 2015 and wouldn’t leave; they were protesting then-New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension for his participation in Deflategate. Portnoy is a strong Patriots fan.

After Portnoy & co. protested at NFL headquarters, Portnoy created 70,000 towels that had Goodell’s face with a clown nose on them.

In 2018, Portnoy and Eric Sollenberger sneaked into Super Bowl Media Day, then interviewed some players before they were arrested.

“Both Sollenberger and Portnoy disguised themselves and made fake media badges to ensure they would not be stopped by security,” Sportskeeda recalled. “Portnoy would wear a hat and a fake mustache and go under the name Frannie Lydon. Barstool Sports founder would go further by having a ‘I heart Roger Goodell’ on the hat he was wearing.”

In 2019 Portnoy was dragged out of that year’s Super Bowl. “Video shared on Barstool’s Instagram page shows a group of security guards swarming around Portnoy, then grabbing and literally carrying him out of the stadium as his feet flopped against its stairs,” Boston magazine reported.

Team Portnoy issued a satiric response after Goodell’s testimony to Jordan, writing:

Adolf Hitler. Kim Jong-un. Henry Blodget. Roger Goodell. The Mount Rushmore of despicably evil leaders. Today Roger Goodell erased any doubt that he belongs on that list after he committed perjury, lying under oath to the US government.

Commenting on Goodell’s protestation that he was not familiar with the ban on Portnoy, Portnoy wrote, “We’ll take ‘Big Fat Lies’ for $2000, Alex.”

After calling Goodell’s reply “hogwash,” Portnoy continued, “We’re not sure what the punishment for lying to the US government and American people should be. But you have to assume the death penalty is on the table. In the meantime, Portnoy will continue to defend the First Amendment of the US Constitution and help bring truth to all Americans.”