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Breaking into an unthinkably lavish mansion and hosting a drunken rave is dumb enough. Meticulously documenting the illegal event on social media, meanwhile, is stupid on an entirely new level:

Florida deputies have identified some of the rowdy revelers who busted into an $8 million mansion and threw a wild, unauthorized house party, authorities said Wednesday.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has “identified many of the kids” seen raging early Saturday inside the Blackwater Street mansion in Watercolor, where the riotous partygoers set up a boxing match in a foyer while downing booze and blasting loud music.

No names have been released as investigators work to determine who stole items from the home, including sports memorabilia and a video game console, sheriff’s spokeswoman Corey Dobridnia told The Post.

“It could take this family weeks to figure out what’s missing,” Dobridnia said. “It’s going to be difficult for them to know exactly what was taken.”

Yeah, it probably will be, but it won’t be impossible, only because these bright-eyed, upwardly mobile young men and women meticulously documented everything they did on social media.

In all seriousness, these kids behaved pretty much like absolute scumbags:

The “very down to Earth” family who lives there has two children under the age of 10 and will be pressing charges in the unsanctioned house party, which had been advertised on social media for at least five days, Dobridnia said. …

“They can replace their stuff, but you cannot replace the peace of mind after kids went into their bathrooms, tried on their clothes,” Dobridnia said. “You can’t put a price on a violation of privacy, and that’s what it is.”

The partiers are about to get a good and heavy dose of Florida law enforcement. Let’s hope they learn their lesson.

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