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It’s been a practice for decades for both political parties to do fundraising dinners and photo opportunities with the face of the party.

You get some big wig to pay lots of money to say a couple of words to the president or VP and snap a photo.

But the current White House has run into a problem. Nobody wants to pay their exorbitant price to get a photo with Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to Tara Palmeri of Puck News in DC, the DNC has slashed the price of a photo-op with VP Harris from the astonishing price of $15,000 to the slightly less insane $5,000 price tag.




The party of Hollywood and silicon valley millionaires couldn’t get anyone to shell out 15 grand for a photo with the glass-ceiling-shattering, most lovable vice president of all time.

Ian Miles Cheong makes the point quite saliently.

I have a plan if they want to boost Kamala’s profile, however.

The DNC may want to start paying people 15 grand to take a photo with the cackling VP.

But even at that price, they may have a tough time getting people lined up for the opportunity.

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